Welcome to the February 15th Warehouse & Logistics News. In our news pages Spaciotempo, the temporary building specialists, have recruited 11 new staff to help meet demand. It’s a sign of our strong economy that we have a shortage of warehouse space and a corresponding strong market for temporary and semi-permanent buildings. Also reflecting the continuing industry confidence, Linde and Boughey Distribution are among leading companies announcing senior appointments in this issue.

As the first signs of spring appear, warehouse operators start thinking about how to keep their buildings cool when the warmer weather arrives. But as Nick Cox, loading bay specialist sara LBS’s Area Sales Manager, reminds us in our cover story, in the global food distribution industry thermal regulation is a matter of concern all year round. In this scenario temperature control is essential throughout with refrigeration and air conditioning supported by industrial door and loading bay solutions offering high insulation levels.

There’s more about The Loading Bay in our feature on this topic, including FLTA Chief Executive Peter Harvey on making loading bays safer. Reflecting the confidence mentioned earlier, in supplier news Union Industries has secured repeat orders from Lidl for their Kent DC and independent 4PL 3T Logistics has rolled out a loading bay app to help customers manage collections and deliveries more efficiently.

Power Sources for forklifts and other equipment is a perennial concern for warehouse managers. In our feature Stewart Gosling of Red Diamond Distribution, the UK Mitsubishi importer, looks at the pros and cons for LPG gas and electric power.

The cost of mispicks due to human error can be very high. In our Order Picking feature, Mike Chadwick of WMS specialist Indigo Software argues the case for ‘Goods to person fulfillment’.

Accurate picking is the key driver for adopting automated systems and we hear from Swisslog about their solution for Thrive Market, the Californian healthy living ecommerce company, which has increased picking productivity by 20% and chopped ground shipment time from three days to two. Egemin has launched a pilot AGV project for Audi in Bavaria, supplying its contract manufacturing in China and India.

We also have an interview with Marcus Dawson, founder and CEO of MI Data Solutions Limited (MIDSL), providers of IT backup systems for warehouse and retail operations. MIDSL’s successful relationship with ACD, used by leading UK grocery retailers to support their mobile computer systems, has led to the Germanbased computing company appointing MIDSL as UK re-seller for its ACD Max Mobile Workstation, which mobilises workplace IT systems.

Finally, the star of this issue’s Quote Unquote feature is Martin Elgood, MD at Zupplychain, the online warehousing space marketplace. Martin might well have been a punk in his youth. His favourite party guest is the late Malcolm McLaren, the Sex Pistols manager. If you’d like to appear in Quote Unquote, get in touch.