Combilift multidirectional forklifts are a popular choice in the timber sector for enabling the safe and space saving handling and storage of long and bulky loads such as packs of timber, roof trusses, sheet materials, mouldings and so on. At Scott+Sargeant’s base in Horsham a C4000 Combilift is prized for its ability to offer very stable handling of machinery which comes in all shapes and dimensions, often with an offset centre of gravity.

Woodworking machinery and spare parts experts Scott+Sargeant’s stock comprises new and used machines, tooling, spares and parts and hand tools and the company is also an official dealership for the German made Martin range of machinery. The LPG powered 4t capacity Combilift that it acquired from Andover Forktruck Services earlier this year solved a number of issues in one: the need for better and rationalised storage in one part of the premises and the requirement for secure handling of irregular sized machines such as dust extractors, power saws and edgebanders.

“Space is understandably costly in his part of the country,” said Director Paul Charnaud, “and we saw an opportunity to make much better use of a previously underutilised area if we could find the right combination of handling & storage. We had seen a Combilift working in a plastics factory across the road and due to the nature of the products we handle we realised that this would work for us.”

By installing racking that was configured according to the dimensions and working aisle-widths of the Combilift, 4000 ft² has been freed up where incoming new machinery is now stored prior to despatch. The truck’s ability to work in tight confines avoided the need for large areas to be set aside for manoevering, allowing maximum use of space. Paul Charnaud also adds that the racking has enabled much more organised – and therefore quicker – stock location as it was often necessary to remove a number of items before accessing the one in question.

Protecting stock from damage was a further consideration and even the most irregular loads can be securely moved around: resting them on the Combilift’s platform offers a much more stable base than balancing on forks. Paul Charnaud sums up: “Compared to our counterbalance forklift which had very limited mobility the Combilift has been very beneficial. Investment costs will be quickly recouped as we have reclaimed the idle space which was badly needed due to our ongoing growth.”