Consider alternative distribution planning strategies and identify the best possible site locations in hours rather than days or weeks

Mapmechanics Ltd announced the release of a new, totally redesigned version of the strategic distribution planning and site location modelling solution Optisite, developed to help you analyse and manage your supply chain more effectively.

Distribution planning and modelling software enables users to find the optimum number and location of warehouses or distribution points to serve their target market. Optisite is designed to appeal both to consultants and analysts working in the logistics field, and to businesses with complex distribution requirements. Part of its appeal lies in the ease of setting up the software to perform the optimisation process. Data will typically include the demand points; the existing or desired network infrastructure; the volume of product being shipped over a given period; the fixed and variable operational costs and the product sources, typically a production facilities or ports of entry.

Users can vary the number and location of warehouses in a series of “what-if” scenarios, comparing the cost implications of each outcome. They can specify the preferred maximum distance from warehouse to delivery point, vary demand levels and stipulate that some warehouses will not be able to supply all product lines.

Optisite rich features include a brand new Workspace Manager that gives users fast and easy access to the different parameters and saved scenarios. An online geocoder built into Optisite converts users’ addresses, postcodes or zip codes seamlessly into geographical coordinates, and integral mapping via the HERE Location Platform provides an attractive and easily-understood backdrop to Optisite’s solutions.

Not only can data be input quickly into Optisite straight from Excel; the system is also designed to offer fast, informative reporting. Graphical map-based displays suitable for use in presentations can be output directly from Optisite itself, obviating the need to export the data and configure it in an intermediate application first.

“Optisite has long been recognized as a cost-effective and powerful network planning tool for generating fast results”, says Mary Short, founder and chair of Mapmechanics. “The new version has these same characteristics combined with a modern, flexible interface, scenario management, reporting and integrated mapping. Its fast setup time, ease of use and flexible licensing makes it a serious contender amongst other established modelling packages.”