‘Coast Lasers’ has introduced a unique approach to backing trailers into tight loading spaces. They have lasers that project green laser lines down each side of the loading dock and down the side of the loading ramps. From the perspective of the drivers backing trailers into a dock, these lines are clearly visible. This means that errors in judgment are minimized, trailer centering to docks is improved, trailer to loading dock backing speed is faster. Health & Safety, and less damage to adjacent trailers and docks is also a cost effective benefit to consider.

Here’s how it works: The system uses two GLX Green Laser Modules with line generators that draw lines down both sides of a trailer. The tractor drivers can see the reflections of the lines in the wing mirrors on the side of the tractors over 100 feet away from the dock. The system works best in early morning, evening and night times when traffic is heaviest. The GLX has numerous uses in industry where accurate lines and layouts are required. The applications of these lasers is limited only by the imagination.

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