Miniclipper Logistics is a longestablished provider of transport and warehousing services for businesses seeking a logistics partnership. With storage and fulfilment as the fastest growing sector within Miniclipper’s business, their recent achievement of several warehouse outsourcing contracts has secured strong growth and enabled expansion into new Bedfordshire facilities.

With over 45 years of distribution expertise, Miniclipper’s clients range from retail, clothing and raw materials, to packaged chemicals and industrial products.

Miniclipper’s activities include seacontainer receipt, storage of retail products, foods and industrial goods, via distribution to all corners of the globe; storing over 30,000 pallets in total across three high bay sites in Leighton Buzzard, Dunstable and Houghton Regis.

Recognising that it is becoming ever more crucial for third party logistics providers to keep informed and up to date with technological advances in the industry and also remaining compliant with various legislation; Miniclipper decided to adopt The Logistics Industry Award Winning Warehouse Auditor App to move away from paper based audits, in order to implement an effective and demonstrably robust audit process for their logistics infrastructure assets and processes.

Following their first site audit using The Warehouse Auditor in June 2016, at their Houghton Regis site, Miniclipper opted for The Warehouse Auditor premium package, and a bespoke multilicense package allowing their team of internal auditors to use the innovative software across the multiple sites.

Released in March 2016, The Warehouse Auditor, audit and reporting App, is changing the way internal audits, asset inspections and health and safety reports are carried out. Within three months of its launch The Warehouse Auditor received the 2016 UKWA Logistics Industry Award for Technical Innovation.

The Warehouse Auditor technical team developed bespoke templates for Miniclipper, and provided training for their in-house auditors, enabling them to carry out their own audits, ensuring operational performance could be maintained and improved on a continual basis.

Winners of the 2016 UKWA Warehouse Company of the Year Award, Miniclipper stated that The Warehouse Auditor enabled them to “demonstrate to their clients, a robust audit process, across multiple sites.” Sales Director for Miniclipper, Jayne Masters, added “Still in the initial stages of implementation, we have already seen confidence in the quality of our warehouse processes build amongst our teams, and this is now helping us achieve BRC accreditation across two sites”.

Following their first site audit in June 2016, Miniclipper have now fully enrolled the use of the innovative Warehouse Auditor app across all of their sites. A joint venture development between the UKs’ leading warehouse specialists: Gideon Hillman Consulting and TIM the leading mobile software developers for industrial applications, The Warehouse Auditor is approved and recommended by the UK Warehousing Association (UKWA) as a highly valuable and relevant tool to help the logistics and warehousing sector, this app works to continuously improve standards and operational capability.

The App is innovative and easy to use, providing logistics operations with a cost-effective solution for onsite mobile data capture, completing audits and inspections using smart phones, or tablets (iOS, Windows and Android) replacing the need for paper, or PC based auditing tools.

The Warehouse Auditor is the complete auditing tool using photographic evidence-based auditing against a set of meaningful criteria, with reports including an audit scoring system, recommendations and corrective actions to help users maintain efficiency in their logistics operations. Reports can be transferred instantly from the device to the desktop where the report can be edited, downloaded and circulated to enable you to implement recommendations, corrective actions and effective improvements.

Due to the increasing number of relevant laws and regulations, the need for operational transparency has never been greater.

Organisations are increasingly adopting the use of The Warehouse Auditor software to ensure all necessary compliance, legislation, and other regulatory, advisory and best practice guidelines when completing audits, and reports onsite. Using the bespoke electronic templates to complete your inspections means these regulations are met without the duplication of re-writing the data back at the office.

The Warehouse Auditor is available in two distinct options of either the Standard or Premium Package

The Standard Package available on a monthly licence fee enables the user to register the software on a single device with full use of the standard audit report and 3 additional standard report templates for unlimited use during the licence period. Included in the single user licence are the downloadable set up and user training manuals, Technical support via the Help Desk (including all software updates) and Secure data hosting. If you require the app for Multi-site and multi device use, then this is available at a contract price discount and can also include multiuser training. The Standard Package is available for a Licence Fee £100 per month on an initial 12-month contract for a single device and single site (excluding the cost of the device which is usually provided by the client)

The Premium Package – includes all of the standard package as above, at the same monthly fee, plus an initial independent audit from an approved warehouse operations and systems specialist from £1,500 + vat per site on a sliding scale, dependent on the size of site and the number of sites to be audited. Discounts are available for both packages, for UKWA members.


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