Hörmann’s best-selling range of SB rolling shutters and grilles have long been renowned in the industry as an economical, sturdy, and reliable option. Featuring spacesaving design and high operational safety, Hörmann’s range of SB rolling shutters and grilles are ideal for installing in front of shop doors, warehouses and agricultural units.

The innovative tension spring assembly allows easy opening and closing without great exertion of force. The SB rolling shutter comes with a handle on the interior and exterior as standard, but is also available with an optional chain hoist that is recommended for doors higher than 3,500mm.

With a side room requirement of just 165mm, the SB rolling shutter is the ideal choice for fitting in narrow spaces. Designed with plastic runners and brush seals in the aluminium side guides, door travel on the SB rolling shutter is extremely quiet.

Since the entire door construction, including support brackets and side guides, is fitted as a frame unit in the building structure, fitting times are reduced. Available in a wide range of curtains and grilles, this system also comes with wind locks or pull-out protection as standard.

Where automation is required, an operating system should be carefully considered to find the ideal match for the fitting situation. Since no closing edge safety device and lintel trap guard needs to be installed on the doors, all variants of Hörmann’s operators are easy to fit and come with soft-start, softstop technology as standard. On top of this, operators WA 250 R S4 and WA 300 R S4 require no additional side space.

A secure integrated maintenance release action is fitted directly on the operator as standard, meaning the door can be switched to manual at any time. Not only does this make maintenance easier, but ensures that the door always remains fully functional, even in the event of a power failure. If required, the door can be operated from the exterior of the building. Hörmann’s range of roller shutters and grilles are available with an optional curtain and operator cover.

This not only prevents accidental reaching into the door barrel for doors under 2500mm, it also gives permanent protection from dirt and adverse effects of the weather. Hörmann’s rolling shutter and grille range is now accessible from the NBS National BIM Library for use by architects and specifiers. The information attached to each BIM object means that the products are more likely to be installed correctly from the initial planning stages of the project, saving time and money for everyone involved in the build.

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