EGGER’s 30mm OSB HDX is the ideal solution for heavy duty load bearing environments such as mezzanine flooring, racking, shelving, working platforms and decking, where P5 or P6 38mm chipboard would typically be used.

This innovative product, which was launched in 2015, has been developed further to deliver additional benefits to the end user. Both surfaces of the board are now fully sanded, which improves performance, making it less prone to wear and tear. Not only that, but the sanded surfaces also offer a more aesthetically pleasing finish to the floors once laid.

Dan Soulsby, EGGER’s category manager for building products, said: “We’re always pushing the boundaries with our products to offer customers innovation and excellent quality solutions for their projects.

“EGGER OSB HDX is a lighter, wider board that’s easy to handle and quicker to lay. Its greater strength and stiffness over 38mm chipboard allows our customers to potentially install floors which are designed to take higher loads, or even use fewer joists. In turn this can provide customers with the opportunity to make significant EGGER OSB HDX – smoothly does it! savings on time and cost with their projects by using fewer materials and laying the floors quicker.”

“As businesses grow they will often look to relocate premises in order to expand their operations. This can be very costly and time consuming, not to mention the upheaval involved in moving a business to a new location. Often a more economical and efficient answer can be to consider installing a mezzanine floor in the existing premises. This can allow businesses to make the most out of their current premises with the potential of doubling the area for a one off cost as opposed to either moving entirely or increasing rental costs”.

“EGGER OSB HDX is ideal for this application as it provides the strength and stiffness required for a mezzanine floor, plus a whole host of additional benefits to the installer – it truly is an innovation in mezzanine flooring!”

EGGER UK specialises in the design and manufacture of structural flooring boards for use in both residential and commercial build projects throughout the UK and Northern Ireland.

EGGER UK is part of the EGGER Group, a family-run company established in 1961 with 17 production plants across Europe of which two are situated in the UK.

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