The management of any warehouse/stores needs an effective labelling and identification system. Stock needs to be identified and in its rightful place in order to maximise order picking and minimise costly errors. It is understood that many order pickers working in an environment where an in-effective system operates, waste a large proportion of their time trying to pick goods that are not in their rightful place.

This also leads to an increase in picking errors. These errors hurt every aspect of the business as not only does it lead to having to reprocess the order and re-despatch taking up lots of precious time, it could also lower customer retention.

For many SME’s having a full barcoded order picking system isn’t feasible due to costs and as a result most businesses retain their existing systems which often become antiquated as a result of changes in product, market fluctuations and warehouse practices. A small outlay to produce a labelling system can help in achieving lower picking times, reduce errors and often help in increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

Beaverswood manufactures labels of all kinds, for pallet racking and for shelving. The labels can be printed with alpha numeric codes, random sequences, barcodes and colour level identification.

Labels are manufactured on materials to suit your requirements whether for ambient temperatures or cold store. Labels can be produced on magnetic sheet, enabling them to be relocated if required.

Beaverswood’s experienced team not only manufacture the labels but install them as well, with the minimum of disruption to your workplace.


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