Established in 1971 as a contract packing and distribution business which gave us firsthand knowledge of packaging applications and the importance of congruence between what is being packed, the methods used and the materials. This knowledge led us into moving to the supply of materials and the equipment for packaging.

Robert McEwan, Managing Director

A family business, with a solid commercial outlook, we are quick to adapt to market developments and needs, and pride ourselves in being at the forefront of innovation within our sector.

Based in our own facility in Manchester, we enjoy the infrastructure to supply anywhere in the UK and Ireland. Our heart is set in the supply of packaging solutions that works for our clients.

WLN – As a top Packaging supplier, what have conditions been like in the past year for your business?

2016 has been an interesting and challenging year. As all would know, we have seen influences beyond our control that had the potential to cause turbulence. Currency and raw material challenges are constant for all parts of our supply chain.

What we have seen is a greater emphasis on product development to ensure that the solutions aren’t just developed for a “cheaper” way of doing things but to ensure that costs are reduced elsewhere in the supply chain.

It is our focus on this, that has created growth in knowledge, products, services and sales.

WLN – How have recent international developments affected you and how have you responded?

International developments have had some effect for everyone. Brexit, and the resulting volatility of the pound, puts pressure on businesses to be smarter in how they operate. We have continued to work with clients to develop their packaging operations, but with a keener eye on ensuring that solutions are as commercially viable as possible.

We believe that companies are looking again at their relations with suppliers and the development of those relationships hold the key to stronger results throughout the whole economy.

WLN – What are your flagship products and services?

As a complete packaging partner, we aim to supply a comprehensive solution. This means that we supply the equipment, maintenance and support and the consumables. Pallet wrapping systems is a flagship product for us. MorsaWrap is our brand of pallet wrapping products which include the equipment and the materials. The synergy of this area of the packaging process ensures that the wrap achieved is at an optimum level in both security and cost.

We are far more than just a “packaging supplier” – we strive to provide our customers with efficiencies that will have a positive impact on their bottom line. Our customers come to us for our expert product knowledge, service and reliability along with product innovation utilising the very latest technology. It’s what we do best.

WLN – What makes you the ‘go to’ supplier in your category?

Our practical approach to packaging ensures that our solutions exceed the customers packaging expectations and do it cost effectively. With 45 years in packaging this has developed to a focus in areas where we can provide demonstrable savings and benefits to our customers. This allows our customers to be able to integrate our practical experience within their operations, effortlessly and with minimal risk.

Stock levels designed to ensure that our customers receive world class service and an account management team that will support the customer every step of the way keeps us at the forefront of the industry.

WLN – How do you help customers improve their business performance?

Packaging is often the bottle neck in production environments and a cost that may affect other areas of the budget. Poor packaging could affect sales or re-work costs or negatively affect customer service levels. So, a practical approach to packaging takes this into consideration and an understanding that the “cost” of packaging may not only be seen in the packaging budget.

Our focus is on methods and products, to look at how savings can be made in damages or returns, throughput, marketing or yield.

WLN – How have you changed your offering to customers in the last 12 months and why? Have you added anything new?

In the last 3 months we have launched our new brand known as MorsaWrap. This is a pallet wrapping system which has been developed to offer customers a better method of wrapping pallets. This is done by using experience to introduce synergy between the method the product and the film used.

It is delivering real results to industry in improved pallet stability, improved wrapping times, less downtime, reduced damage and lower costs.

WLN – Have you made any enhancements to your customer service?

We continuously develop our customer service to ensure we are providing world class service. During 2016 a lot of the changes are “behind the scenes,” ensuring staff are trained, systems are optimised. We offer a comprehensive account management system and have re-focused this to ensure that we are providing the best service we can. We still find that customers prefer the personal level of service we offer and are working on how the customer experience can continuously be enhanced.

WLN – Which markets are your customers in? Which ones are growing fastest?

Packaging is widely used throughout most industries, from FMCG’s to building products, and everywhere in-between. Where we are seeing the most growth is in companies seeking genuine answers to environmental challenges without the cost of reduced performance. MorsaWrap answers this challenge and we are seeing a real response to this concept and approach to packaging. Whilst we are seeing several growth areas within Jemac, it is our concept of demonstrable solutions that is resonating with our existing and new customers whatever the industry.

WLN – Can you name some of your major customers and tell us what do you do for them?

Our largest clients are all household names in the FMCG market who work with us because they have experienced the benefits of our approach to packaging. We also offer a comprehensive range of products to corrugated producers, food manufacturing, distribution, direct mail companies, IT hardware suppliers all based on the quality of service we offer and the consistency and range of the product we sell. This enables our customer to have confidence that they can deliver their products on time, every time.

WLN – What’s been your most memorable recent project?

We recently launched the new Morsawrap range at the IMHX 2016 Exhibition at the NEC. It was a very significant moment for us, and after working on the product for so long it was fantastic to unveil it to the industry. We have had great feedback from the event and the whole team really thrived on it.

WLN – Are you branching into any new areas, targeting new customers and taking on more people?

2017 is going to be a very exciting year for Jemac and we have plans in place for growth in sales, products and services. The focus will continue to be in products like MorsaWrap that we can demonstrate specific benefits to the customer.

We will further enhance systems so that customers can gain easier access to information about the relationship. We are working on easier ways for customers to order products and services and explore new solutions. We are working on a better way for customers to control their costs on the maintenance and servicing of their equipment – more details on this soon.

WLN – How important is staff development and training to your growth?

At Jemac we are incredibly proud of the investment we have made in our team and will continue to invest in the future. Most of our team have been with us for many years with our sales team having 3 members with a total of over 80 years at Jemac. This is a reflection of the strength of our culture and how we value our staff.

We have invested in knowledge with our staff and will be embracing technological advances during 2017 to improve our efficiency throughout the team to keep costs under control and service at the forefront of everything we do.

WLN – Looking ahead, what factors do you see affecting your business? How are you turning these into opportunities?

I suppose the only thing that has become predictable is that there is nothing that is predictable, so we need to ensure we can remain flexible and move quickly to ensure that we meet the demands of the marketplace and our customers’ requirements and expectations.

We strongly believe that our product range is right for these challenges and we are working hard to ensure that these remain so and our service offering will need to remain completely dependable.

Margins for our suppliers, ourselves and our customers will remain challenging and we need to ensure that the products that we sell can help in this way. MorsaWrap and E Tape are examples of products that achieve this and that strategy will remain a focus for us.

WLN – Which major trade shows and other industry events are you involved in over the next year?

IMHX was very successful for us, the next one is in 2019 which we look forward to attending. We will be focusing on attending events that add value to our offering and to our clients and future clients.

WLN – What headline news from Jemac Packaging can our readers look forward to seeing in Warehouse & Logistics News in 2017?

A new range of packaging machines with a new way for customers to control the costs of maintaining equipment.

In a fast-moving market news happens fast and we will be doing all we can to ensure that our customers will be benefiting from any developments first.

WLN – And finally, in our social media age, if you had to sum up your company in a 140-character tweet what would you say?

#Jemac, packaging products and equipment intelligently applied #yourcompletepackagingpartner

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