When designing or refurbishing industrial spaces, a lot of thought has to go into the placement of walls. After all, this will affect how efficient the space is and how easily it can adapt to future changes in business conditions.
While you may think that permanent walls are the only solution, there are other options that have advantages which far outreach that of a standard permanent brick or stud built partition.

One of these options is Flexiwall, a lightweight, durable and easily adapted semi-permanent partition. So what benefits can a semipermanent solution like Flexiwall bring to your business?

Adapt to change

Once a permanent brick wall is in place, it has to stay in place, unless you are prepared to undertake some major demolition work.

By nature a semi-permanent partition is designed to be in place for as long as required but with the flexibility to be easily removed and if required re-installed. A good example of this type of requirement is a multi-storage warehouse, which can regularly change the types of goods stored, due to won and lost contracts.

Control space in a leased or rented building

If your building is leased or rented then there are limitations to the type of construction work that can be carried out, it is likely that you cannot implement permanent changes to the original state of the premises. Another benefit to the Flexiwall solution is that it will be installed without causing damage to the existing building. Both these advantages mean that businesses can still manage space even if they don’t own the physical building.

Minimise disruption

In order to be an adaptable solution Flexiwall is made from pre manufactured fire rated PVC panels, which don’t create dust or mess during installation. Being able to install a partition quickly, cleanly and with minimum disruption to the current operation, is one of the major advantages to using a semi-permanent partition.

Maximise floor space

In tall buildings the difficulty associated with permanent partitions is that they need enough width and stability at the base to carry the weight loading. The materials used in solutions like Flexwiall are light weight and suspended using existing structures. This results in a partition that takes up very little floor space. In environments such as Warehouse’s it is even possible to partition between racking.


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