The heating and lighting company, Victory, have created a DIY energy calculator on their website, where warehouse owners can calculate the money that they could save by switching from gas space heating to electric shortwave infrared ‘people heaters’. The calculator, available at, lets users input their current gas bill figure and calculates the equivalent infrared heating cost.
“We think that people will get a pleasant surprise when they see the figures,” says Victory’s MD, Alan Penman. “It just doesn’t make sense to heat large volumes of air and all the infrastructure of the warehouse. In most cases, it’s just the people that need to be warm and infrared heat does exactly that.” On their website, victory show an illustration where a saving of nearly 80% is made.

Victory manufacture a wide range of infrared heaters to suit all kinds of situations and the choice of product depends on the area to be heated and the height at which heaters will be installed. Products range from 1.5kW to 6kW, though the company say they can custom-build units up to 18kW. There are also a variety of options for the lamps that are fitted, including low glare versions and, exclusively from Victory, ‘Rosegold’ low glare. Infrared heaters emit some light and Rosegold lamps reduce the redness of that light.

For warehouse use, Victory recommend their ‘HLW’ and ‘HLQ’ heaters. The HLW range has a stylish design and is available in different finishes. Victory say the HLWs have a specially designed reflector that, together with a glass-free front, makes them highly efficient. The HLQ product, with 110V and 3- phase options, is designed for more industrialised environments.

Victory point out that another key benefit of infrared heating is that it is highly controllable. Unlike space heating, it is an instant heat source that requires no warm-up. The company therefore offer dimmers and PIR presence detectors which can be used to run the heaters as efficiently as possible by reducing heat when less is needed, or turning it off when workers are not present.

If you have a situation that is too complex for their calculator, Victory are happy to do the maths; just contact them with details of your warehouse and they will choose appropriate products and calculate energy use.


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