WLN – What’s the most exciting thing about your job?

Tom: For me it’s the technical aspects, particularly problem solving and offering solutions to our customers.

Matthew: I really enjoy the sales side of things especially meeting new people.
WLN – Who has inspired you most in your career?

Tom: Elon Musk.

Matthew: My father, Dr Mark Stevenson, has been my biggest inspiration. He has achieved so much in the battery industry and I learn something new from him every day.

WLN – If you were an item in a warehouse, what would you be?

Tom: A compressor – strong and useful!

Matthew: A shrink wrap machine – what a great invention, I’ve spent too many hours in the past doing that job by hand.

WLN – If you had to do it all over again, what would you do different?

Both: We often have this discussion and generally agree that we wouldn’t do anything differently. We both believe that things happen for a reason and you learn from previous experiences, good and bad.

WLN – What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you at work?

Tom: I can’t think of any I’ve done at work but I once broke my own foot dancing at a wedding.

Matthew: I fell through a roof once – not one of my finer moments!

WLN – Who or what makes you laugh?

Tom: I think Peter Kay is hilarious.

Matthew: I love the older sitcoms like Only Fools and Horses.
WLN – Do you have any hidden talents?

Tom: I mechanic for the motorcycle racer Sean Neary who finished 2nd in the Ducati Trioptions Cup this year.

Matthew: I have an encyclopaedic knowledge of Manchester City FC.

WLN – Who would be your favourite party guest?

Tom: Valentino Rossi

Matthew: Michael Caine

WLN – What is the greatest luxury in your life?

Tom: Going on nice holidays with my family.

Matthew: My 1962 Lambretta LI150.

WLN – What is your favourite guilty pleasure?

Both: That’s easy… a couple of pints after work on a Friday.

WLN – Do you have any secret ambitions?

Tom: To own my own World Superbikes Team.

Matthew: To own a holiday home on the coast.

WLN – What’s your dream holiday destination?

Tom: Saint Lucia

Matthew: California

WLN – What are your three favourite movies of all time?

Tom: I can’t normally sit still long enough to watch a film although I do love the original Italian job.

Matthew: The Shawshank Redemption, The Italian Job and any Bond Film.

WLN – What is your favourite book of all time?

Tom: Foggy – Carl Fogarty’s autobiography.

Matthew: I’m not really a fan of books, I much prefer movies.

WLN – What’s your favourite pastime?

Tom: All things motorbike.

Matthew: Spending time with my family and watching Manchester City.

WLN – If you won the Lottery, what would you do?

Tom: Treat my family and… set up a racing team!

Matthew: Look after my family and buy houses in America and Australia.

WLN – What would be your advice to someone thinking about coming into the industry?

Both: We’d just quote that great business man Derek ‘Del Boy’ Trotter and say “He who dares Rodders!”


Matthew and Tom own and manage 2 businesses; The Battery Group and Battery Components. The Battery Group specialises in industrial batteries and offers new and used batteries for sale and rental. In addition to supplying complete batteries, The Battery Group also offers individual lead acid cells and operates a nationwide fleet of service engineers who can carry out emergency repairs or planned maintenance. Battery Components is a one stop shop for all traction battery parts and accessories. The company has an extensive product range which includes specialist items such as battery tanks, chargers and roller beds as well as the more everyday items such as plugs, bolts and connectors and watering kits.

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