Hoppecke Industrial Batteries has won an order to provide energy management solutions to Thameslink, the 140-mile mainline railway service that runs from Bedford to Brighton via the capital, serving London Gatwick and Luton airports.
The Desiro City trains used on the Thameslink service are built by Siemens and all after-sales support, spare parts and warranty support services are to be provided by Hoppecke, the leading specialist in industrial battery systems and the largest battery manufacturer in European ownership.

The most notable feature of this contract is that the Desiro City does not simply use a battery fitted into a box, as in most trains. Instead, this box incorporates chargers with switches and an electrical distribution system built in, ensuring power is always distributed to where it’s needed. With far more electronics in a battery box than ever before, Hoppecke’s expertise in delivering complex and innovative (yet highly functional and costeffective) solutions was crucial.

At the heart of the Thameslink 108V power system is the Hoppecke rail.power VR lead acid battery with innovative gel-ESS battery technology – patented technology based on grid electrodes and a fleece separator. This technology possesses all the advantages of AGM (advance glass mat) batteries and those of gelbatteries with an expected service life of six years. The battery tray is made of S355 steel with a paint finish and connected to the container by C-rails, so that the tray can be pulled out to one side for maintenance purposes.

Hoppecke has supplied a range of power management solutions for overground and underground railway networks around the world – whether Nickel Cadmium (NiCd), Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH), lead acid or Lithium Ion (LiOn) – and the company has battery systems operating in around half of the UK’s rolling stock.

Siemens, one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of rolling stock, uses Hoppecke batteries in nearly three quarters of its trains internationally and in the UK this figure is nearer to 90 per cent.

Hoppecke is also a preferred supplier of railway battery systems to leading manufacturer Bombardier, with approximately 50 per cent of the company’s trains – in the UK and globally – fitted with Hoppecke batteries.

Says Paul Butchart, National Sales Manager – Special & Reserve Power Systems at Hoppecke Industrial Batteries: “Major players in the rail industry appreciate our ability to deliver bespoke power management solutions to fit virtually any application and this contract for Thameslink underlines our capabilities as a leading solutions provider to the rail power sector.”

He adds: “Whether we are working with lead acid or fibre structure nickel cadmium technology (FNC) batteries or Lithium-Ion (LiOn), our systems are recognised by the biggest names in the business for their reliability and value for money. We are delighted to be delivering what are undoubtedly some of the most complex and advanced rail transport power management systems in the world.”

Hoppecke is the leading specialist for industrial battery systems and at the same time the largest battery manufacturer in European ownership. Hoppecke offers to its customers around the world concepts for efficient and reliable power supply for every industrial application. A leading exponent of environmental care for more than 80 years, Hoppecke offers solutions for a variety of industries including motive power, reserve power for IT/telecoms, power stations, solar energy and UPS, special power for rail and underground. Hoppecke’s UK operation is based in Newcastle- Under-Lyme in the Midlands and the parent company has customers and business partners in many countries around the world, including Europe, the USA and China.


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