Denmaur Independent Papers has installed 12 sara LBS retractable dock shelters in the loading bays of its new central warehouse near the M1 in Leicestershire, as part of a major refurbishment programme.
Denmaur is one of the UK’s largest independent paper merchants, handling over 150,000 tonnes of deliveries a year, worth in excess of £100m. It supplies printers, publishers, designers and end users all over the country, from a network of six branches including the main Leicestershire facility.

The company moved into the new warehouse in May 2016 and immediately started refurbishing and developing it to make it into a state of the art facility that perfectly meets its needs. One of the initial attractions of the building was that it has 12 loading bays, which was ideal because Denmaur has a nearconstant stream of lorries, arriving either to deliver stock or to collect orders for delivery to the other branches or customers around the Midlands.

Denmaur’s Andy Moore, who is deeply involved in the refurbishment, says: “The loading bays all had dock shelters on them, but they were way past their sell-by date. Some had collision damage, some had not been looked after, some were 15 years old.

“Replacing them was a priority, and I wanted to do it during the summer as well so that we had the best chance of good weather.” Andy contacted loading bay specialist, sara LBS, so areas sales manager, Alan Ryder, visited the site to discuss requirements: “I was able to recommend the use of our standard retractable dock shelters, and together we worked out that the best schedule was to break the installation into two halves. We would take down six of the old shelters and replace and then repeat the process for the other six. This would allow us to get the job done quickly and efficiently, and Denmaur would remain operational throughout. In the end the whole job was completed in four days.”

sara LBS can supply, install and maintain the full range of loading bay equipment, including shelters, scissor lifts, dock levellers, roller shutters, curtains, high speed doors and specialist ancillary equipment such as lighting, controls and safety equipment. It is able to help clients optimise the design and fitting out of their loading bays to meet capacity and special needs such as weather protection, hygiene control and heavy lifting.

sara LBS dock shelters are mounted on the outside wall of loading bays and are used to seal the gap between the loading bay and vehicle body; thus providing weather protection, heat retention, a vermin barrier and generally creating a stable pleasant working environment for load and unloading operations. Denmaur chose sara’s retractable dock shelters as the best way to meet its needs, although rigid and inflatable shelters are also available from the company.