Toyota Material Handling UK was successful in winning two IMHX Design4Safety awards recognising their commitment to improving safety in materials handling operations. The IMHX Design4Safety awards were created by IMHX and BITA and are awarded every three years at the IMHX event.
Toyota were shortlisted as finalists for the Automation and Technology awards. The entries are assessed by a materials handling industry expert panel. After submitting the BT Optio OSE250 order picker with T-Mote remote drive feature and the I_Site truck management smartphone app with instant alerts for those categories respectively.

The BT Optio OSE250 order picker truck with the remote drive feature improves safety and increases productivity. The remote drive function allows the operator to move the truck forward without having to ride on it. This allows the operator to walk alongside it and pick goods from the racking to a load carrier, reducing the need for an operator to repetitively step on and off the truck. The truck is also fitted with safety scanners which detect objects up to 1m in front of the truck and cause it to stop automatically or adjust its path to prevent collisions. In remote mode, the truck moves at a speed of 4 km/h and a warning light flashes to warn bystanders of the truck’s movement.

The Toyota I_Site truck management smartphone app is a new feature to the truck management system which helps to increase safety and keep fleet managers in control– wherever they are. Details of safetyrelated incidents are instantly transmitted to a mobile device(s), including major impacts, or failed pre-operational checks, increasing levels of safety and efficiency.

Tony Wallis, Commercial Director said “We are incredibly proud to have been selected as the winners of the Automation and Technology categories at the Design4Safety Awards. This recognises our commitment to innovation and how we are working to improve the levels of safety we offer our customers to help improve their operation.”


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