In an increasingly globalised world, the need for greater supply chain transparency has become a crucial issue for manufacturers and retailers, with sustainability continuing to be a hot topic. Ethical practices in the supply chain are set to continue, with organisations needing to focus on how they can reduce their environmental impact.
Regardless of the type of company you run, the demand seen as we enter the last quarter (peak season) will not be unfamiliar. Warehousing and logistic facilities play a vital role in the overall supply chain process, with storage and space being a fundamental factor for warehouses to achieve both efficiency and effectiveness for their overall business functions.

In such a rapidly changing world many companies put innovation at the forefront, in the constant strive to meet the demand for more effective, efficient and sustainable product designs. Quality has become imperative in protecting goods during transit and storage along with an increase need to be mindful of the environmental considerations that are intrinsic to the world of packaging.

Reusable products in supply, warehousing and storage environments are becoming increasingly popular. A packaging product that stands multiple trips leads inevitably to less environmental impact, less resources and energy being used and critically, in the long terms, can save money. Increasingly popular as a packaging, storage and transit solution, are folding pallets and space saving reusable containers. They can significantly improve a company’s environmental footprint, save space and help to reduce the cost of consumables. Using these products can also increase volume handling during transit and storage, all thanks to their unique stack and nest designs.

Businesses are beginning to realise that ethical sourcing and sustainability is the driver of long term growth and profitability. Over time, returnable packaging can cost substantially less, the investment reduces the need to purchase single-use shipping products, as many reusable packaging has a life span of over 5 years.

Not only do these businesses need to ship, receive and store products and parts quickly and efficiently, they also need them to arrive safely, securely and as cost effectively as possible. Reusable packaging offers many benefits and eliminates packaging waste, thus helping to solve handling and logistic problems within the supply chain.

Kite Packaging, one of the UK’s leading packaging distributors, supply a range of unique returnable plastic containers, designed to help solve these handling and logistic problems for a wide range of industries. The range sold by Kite, focuses on increasing load stability, reducing packaging waste, increasing vehicle fill, reducing labour, transport and consumable costs and increasing efficiency throughout industry supply chains.

Consisting of a range of attached lid containers, stackable / nestable containers and plastic pallet boxes, these versatile, robust and reusable products are widely used by companies looking for a multi-trip, reusable solution where efficient handling and storage are key. The innovative lid design allows the lids to secure in a vertical line, meaning no lid overhang.

Available in a range of sizes, the attached lid containers work well as a standalone product, however, are also impressive as part of a modular system. They come in a range of different strengths, virgin material – produced from high impact polypropylene. Repro/virgin – consisting of a recycled polypropylene base and virgin polypropylene lid and repro – consisting of recycled polypropylene. Stacking safely when full and nesting when empty, they save up to 65% space in storage. Stack and nest containers are a full virgin material container produced from polypropylene that stack safely when full and nest when empty. The easy to use container protects products during picking assembly, processing, and storage and distribution applications. Available with or without a lid, all containers come with handgrips to ensure efficient manual handling.

The plastic pallet box has been designed as an end-to-end transit system, produced from a tough polyester powder coating; the unique half UK pallet size box is the only stackable and nestable product of its size and incorporates the clever lid design that means the lids sit flat against the box when nested. Designed to be lifted with appropriate machinery, such as forklifts and pump trucks, the patented design provides the perfect balance of carrying capacity and easy handling.