For many years companies have been used to leasing or renting their forklift trucks, while also buying is an alternative. A new option is to lease your endof- line palletiser. World leader in the product handling industry, CSi, is again at the forefront of innovation, introducing new leasing concepts with 0% interest. Move from CAPEX to OPEX and experience the direct financial benefits.
A typical palletiser rental agreement is closed for an indefinite period of time with a notice for termination period of only three months. You are never obliged to rent the palletiser for longer than three months, making this form of rental the most flexible in the market. But also lease periods of 2 to 5 years can be agreed. A customer with a five-year lease contract never needs to pay more than the initial investment would have been (based on a 3-shift operation). After the leasing or rental period the machine can be returned, the equipment can be bought or the contract can be continued, to be chosen freely by the customer.

Starting from now, CSi offers its customers the possibility to benefit from leasing or rental. With the new leasing concepts at 0% interest, each client, when approved, can use the required leasing or rental concept. Does the investment calculation not meet the required pay-back criteria? Think about short term lease e.g. 2 years. The savings will kick in immediately while you are fully flexible in deciding what to do after the leasing period.

CSi is able to introduce these kind of innovations in the market because it maintains a strong market position around the world with a spread of customers including manufacturers of fast moving consumer goods, distributors and the packaging material industry. CSi has built this position on the basis of the reliability of its products and services with a high level of standardisation and modularisation.