This year’s IMHX 2016 event saw Apex Supply Chain Technologies, a leading global supplier of automated dispensing solutions, welcoming significant interest during the intralogistics exhibition.
With an eager-eyed audience in place, the Apex team were on hand to showcase two new Trajectory Cloud™ based innovations: Axcess™ Automated Locker Systems and the Actylus™ Smart Bin Systems.

The Axcess 6100 series devices, which allows users to track and manage critical assets for 24/7 control and accountability, were particularly well received by those running business operations in distribution centres.

The self-service lockers impressed visitors who appreciated how the implementation of such equipment would benefit their productivity, by cutting time spent searching for fit-for-use equipment, and lower their repair and replacement costs.

The Actylus Smart Bin Systems also proved popular. Targeting stock replenishment issues, the automated system tracks key consumable items, sending alerts and re-order notifications via the cloud to suppliers when stock is low. The new technology was commended by visitors for its ability to minimise the risk of downtime by keeping lines up and running, reducing the need for safety stock or emergency orders.

UK Managing Director Julian Adams commented: “We were really thrilled with the response we received with regards to our two new systems. IMHX was a fantastic platform to showcase these systems as it was full of like-minded professionals with the same aims – creating inventive and exciting solutions to boost efficiency within the supply chain sector. Many were impressed by the cloud-based technology and from the show we gained some high-quality leads that we are now exploring. This is only the beginning for Axcess and Actylus and we anticipate growing interest as their potential to enhance operations and drive down costs becomes even more widely understood.”


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