Factory Cat floor scrubber and floor sweeper products are built by the R.P.S. Corporation based in Wisconsin USA since 1986. Factory Cat is a world-leading independent manufacturer of battery powered floor scrubber, floor sweeper and floor scrubber-sweeper machines for the industrial sector. We’ve built our reputation by providing the toughest, best engineered, highestvalue battery powered floor cleaning machines in the industry.


In a marketplace that has focused on building machines to a cost rather than performance FactoryCat has done the opposite, we strive to design out nonessential parts focusing on the performance, simplicity and reliability. FactoryCat models are renowned for their robust build quality and industrial cleaning ability backed up with an industry leading 3 year warranty.

We make sure that in every market in which our more than 300 distributors in 36 countries and service centres do business, they maintain a “factory” trained service department with a vested interest in our customer’s long-term satisfaction.

Factory Cat has a dealer network covering mainland UK with experienced professionals who can offer free advice, site surveys & onsite demonstrations across the range.


Tel: 0800 313 4336

Email: info@elansalesltd.co.uk