There’s no doubt that the recent decision to leave the EU will have an impact on the UK’s export trade, but at the moment we truly don’t know the long-term influence of that decision – only time will tell.


What we do know is that British businesses will continue to sell their products overseas and with the support of campaigns like “Exporting Is Great” then why can’t our exports grow?

We also know that the regulations and restrictions on sending products on wooden pallets doesn’t necessarily help those businesses. There is a 2,500-word Government website page detailing the dos and don’ts if you are using wooden pallets, but it still makes it a confusing process, especially for those businesses who are new to exporting.

There’s no suggestion that wooden pallets don’t have their part to play in the logistics chain but are they always the right choice all the time? The Pallite® is now a real alternative – especially for exporters who want to save money and eliminate the ‘noise’ and confusion that surrounds the export regulations.

The arguments are simple. The Pallite® has been chosen by more and more exporters because:

• It’s ISPM15 exempt – so can be sent anywhere in the world without restrictions

• It’s between 15kg and 20kg lighter than a typical wooden pallet so can save exporters a lot of money

• It’s more mould resistant when compared to heat-treated pallets therefore reducing damage to the cargo if being shipped across the world for weeks on end EIGHT EUROS ON A PMC But the team at The Alternative Pallet Company haven’t stopped there. They have also designed a Euro sized Pallite® that maximises the space on an airline PMC.

“This new design means we’re able to offer a Euro pallet that ensures eight fit comfortably on an air cargo pallet without needing the raise the floor” commented David Rose, sales director. “We have worked with an airline who were looking at a way they could increase the typical load of six euros on a PMC to eight. The big restriction was the edge of the plate that is slightly raised meaning they either had to use wooden planks to raise the level so wooden pallets could span the entire area or they were limited to fitting just six pallets to a PMC.”

“This hopefully means freight forwarders can maximise loads with the airlines and in turn help the British businesses reduce their overall costs”.

So, not only is a Pallite® saving money with weight reduction, but it’s also saving money by maximising space in airfreight.

What can be next? A pallet box that is collapsible but also capable of holding 750kg and being double stacked? “We already have one of those” remarked Rose.

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