Linde Material Handling have provided a fleet of K range-combi trucks to Cromwell Tools to service the facility’s narrow aisle configuration for bulk storage of pallets at its line picking facility.

K-truck-in-operation[14]Slow moving and replenishment cartons are picked either from the K trucks or specifically designed V12 multi-level order pickers.

Linde’s VNA team which has more than 100 years combined experience in the design and implementation of new VNA systems and warehouse design, worked with Cromwell to shape the facility’s design and layout.

Linde also worked with Cromwell on the racking system design to ensure all possible pinch-points were designed out of the system and the best material flow implemented. It also co-ordinated the floor survey and remedial floor repairs to ensure the smooth running of the VNA trucks and meet Cromwell’s operation requirements.

Derek Thomas from Linde said: “We used the Linde Very Narrow Aisle configuration Programme (VNAP) which was fundamental in supporting Cromwell in its new warehouse facility. VNAP allows our specialist team to design a truck to match the customer’s exact requirements rather than recommending the truck with the nearest specification. Trucks are neither over nor underspecified with this system.

“The VNAP program shows aisle widths, coupled with truck speed profiles, operational battery life and pallet throughputs which allows racking to be designed that matches aisle widths to the available space within the building, which is essential when locating systems.

“The VNAP program provided all wheel track information, allowing us to carry out a floor flatness survey and quote for costs for remedial work to Cromwell.

Antony Moseley, Logistics Manager at Cromwell, said: “When setting up our new warehouse we had to find a materials handling specialist that could support us during the initial design stages as well as with the day-to-day service requirements.

“Linde helped design our warehouse layout and incorporate a narrow aisles and a bespoke fleet of trucks. We needed to fit the right sort of trucks to our racking specification.

“Even though we have been supplying our own customers from the existing site for many years we found the support given by the Linde VNA team invaluable and gave us the confidence that we would have a trouble free implementation on the new site.”