The strategic partnership with gantry robot manufacturer RO-BER increases the level of expertise at SSI Schaefer in an important future technology. This creates promising integration and development potential for highly innovative automation solutions.


The SSI Schaefer Group is underlining its robotics ambitions and pressing ahead with its adopted strategy in the context of Industry 4.0. As announced by the intralogistics market leader at CeMAT, a majority holding has been accomplished in the Kamen-based, German gantry robot specialist RO-BER Industrieroboter GmbH.

Elmar Issing, Vice President Robotics & Innovations at SSI Schaefer, explains the strategic commitment by saying, “highperformance robotic applications are now a key factor in integrated automation solutions in intralogistics. Our involvement with RO-BER increases the range of solutions for our customers in another key future technology, and completes the product portfolio in robotics with intelligent control technology.” Both partners want to make specific use of the synergies from their complementary technology portfolios to implement customer-specific, integrated intralogistics concepts. The kinematic properties of gantry robots allow specific and totally new solutions to be developed with regard to sorting, buffering and linking functions.

As an independent developer and manufacturer of gantry robot systems for picking and sequencing, as well as for storing, buffering and linking, RO-BER has already been a reliable project partner to SSI Schaefer for many years. “In the market, SSI Schaefer and RO-BER have a lot in common with regard to customers and industries,” says Dr Hans Gerd Severin, Managing Director of RO-BER. “The inclusion of our standardised robot systems in their concepts complements the SSI Schaefer product portfolio perfectly, especially for end-of-line palletising and in picking systems.” This is why the partners have already completed major international projects using gantry robot technology in recent years. A current example is the drinks warehouse of A. Kempf Getraenkegrosshandel GmbH in Heddesheim, Germany, a wholly owned subsidiary of Edeka Handelsgesellschaft Suedwest mbH. One of the achievements here was implementing a modern, gantry robot-assisted, fast mover picking system.

Beyond the majority holding, professional expertise at RO-BER will be further extended in the future, especially with regard to mechatronics and control. RO-BER will continue to operate on the market as a fully independent company based in Kamen. With this involvement, the SSI Schaefer Group is taking another significant step in the rapidly growing future field of robotics.

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