KNAPP has added another innovative workstation to its Pick-it- Easy series: Pick-it-Easy Multi is designed to work with the company’s Pocket Sorter system in e-commerce applications.

KNAPP has invested considerable R&D in the ergonomic design of its Pick-it-Easy workstations, which were developed with help from TÜV Rheinland. The Pick-it-Easy series is designed around the needs of warehouse workers in various industries. Solutions such as Pick-it- Easy Shop for retail ranges, Pick-it- Easy Health for pharmaceuticals and Pick-it-Easy Tray for groceries are goods-to-person fulfilment solutions that combine ergonomics, multi-functionality, efficiency and economy.


Pick-it-Easy Multi

The new Pick-it-Easy Multi workstation is designed for processing goods into sorter pockets and dispatch cartons. In KNAPP’s Pocket Sorter system, pockets are suspended from an overhead conveying system via a ‘rolladaptor’ that features an RFID transponder.

At the Pick-it-Easy Multi station, operators take items – such as DVDs, books, shoes or flat-packed clothing – from the transport container and move them over an integrated scanner, which can feature barcode or RFID technology. When the article is read, confirmation is displayed through a light signal in the adjacent chute, through which the goods are passed into the prepared sorter pocket. From this moment on, the article data is allocated to the RFID transponder on the pocket, which is used to track and identify the item in the processes that follow.

Matrix sortation

The Pocket Sorter solution sequences the individual pockets, sorting them into the precise order required by the packing stations.

The system – which uses a three-step matrix sortation process based on a mathematical algorithm – is scalable, with up to 7000 units being sorted per hour, per module.

With the pockets able to carry up to 3kg and accommodating goods up to 500x380x150mm in size, the solution has proved ideal for the product ranges of a number of customers including Arvato in Germany, Asos in the UK, Mayoral in Spain and Kiabi in France.

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