What would you say if there was an effective insulated 12(l)x08(w)x15(h) pallet box, that’s perfect for export and available for under £100? WELL THERE IS NOW.


The team at Pallite®, who are renowned for manufacturing the light, ISPM15 exempt airfreight pallet have recently launched the latest product in their range – the Insulated Pallite® Pallet Box.

“We were researching (for a customer) some insulated pallet box solutions and were staggered at how expensive they could be” remarked David Rose, sales director for Pallite®. “This was an area we hadn’t explored before and really wanted to deliver something that kept their product in a chilled state whilst being sent from the UK to the Middle East, but wouldn’t cost them the earth”.

Pallite® Wall or Corrugated – what’s the best for insulation?

The Design team at Pallite® initially tested the insulative differences between their 25mm thick honeycomb board and various corrugated walls and found there was a marked difference with their board performing better. “This potentially meant less external thermal materials would be needed, which also helps reduce the cost”, continued Rose.

Testing different permutations

The team then researched, tested and trialled various insulating materials and found three that performed robustly as well as working with the Pallite® Box.

“Certainly the thermal liners and blankets performed the best, but lining the box with 30mm XPS also proved very efficient – although a lot more expensive when compared to an internal liner.”

There were of course various combinations not forgetting the frozen gel packs that need to be added when the box is being packed.

The result being they were able to keep the inside of the box at a constant temperature even though the box itself was exposed to external temperatures that were 25°C higher than the inside.

Storage Saver

The clever design also allows a pallet box that stands 1.55m tall to be collapsed to a height of 425mm which reduces space required to store unused boxes and those subsequent costs.

A Tailor Made Solution

It doesn’t have to be an insulated version. Pallite® are able to manufacture their pallet boxes to varying heights, lengths and widths – all to suit their customers’ requirements and if you would like to get a quote, the team are waiting to hear from you.

“We believe this opens up the opportunity for businesses to reduce their costs whilst safely sending their chilled product to their final destinations.” concluded Rose.

With their Pallite® Pallet Box also being 100% recyclable it doesn’t need to cost the earth in more ways than one!

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