ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems, the home of Crawford industrial doors and docking solutions, is on a mission. Their focus on cold, chilled and sub-zero distribution chains has led to them providing loading solutions for some of the biggest names in the sector, referencing a client list including Ocado distribution, Brakes Brothers and Arla Food Group, in the past 18 months alone. It’s little wonder that in August 2014 Forbes listed the ASSA ABLOY group in its list of “the 100 most innovative companies in the world”, for the second year in a row.


The Crawford brand has a long history with the logistics industry, providing solutions to an exhaustive list of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and even 4th party providers across the UK. Renowned worldwide as a first class supplier of innovative and costeffective products, Crawford levellers, shelters, doors and Loadhouses are a mainstay of loading bays across the UK in ambient, cold and sub-zero chains, offering established products alongside cutting edge sustainability solutions. ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems has further strengthened its specialism within the cold and chilled distribution sectors, by focusing on the development and capabilities of its 24-7-365 maintenance and repairs network, the UK’s largest specialist door and dock service operation, which has helped refine their understanding of both their customers, and the dayto- day challenges in temperature controlled facilities.

Traditional sandwich panel overhead sectional doors are a key part of the offering to temperature controlled and ambient facilities in the UK. The Crawford OH1042 is the most contemporary version of the classic 42mm thick panel design, with enhanced performance features and insulation values. Cold storage doors with panels up to 70mm thick, are available for cold stores and loading areas.

Crawford Loadhouses, which ‘bolt-on’ to exterior walls of a building and combine leveller, door and shelter may not be new, but are increasingly popular for UK facilities. Removing the need to allocate floor space to a dock leveller pit optimises design planning, with the additional benefit that loading ‘outside’ the facility walls keeps the impact of open loading bay doors to a minimum. Energy conservation and reduced building footprints have led to Loadhouses being perceived as the logical solution for cold chain distributors, in particular.

Internal and external high speed doors continue to add value where hygiene, temperature control and traffic flow are important. Albany external high performance doors, with fabric or insulated rigid curtains, can be utilised to meet a number of business goals, offering speeds up to 2.8 m/s. Demanding environments can be served by the advanced features of ‘application’ doors, which include airtight ‘Cleanroom’ doors, stainless steel ‘Hygiene’ doors and highly effective ‘Freezer’ doors, all of which prevent doors standing open unnecessarily.

In addition to increased product sales, the service operation at ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems in the UK comprises more than 100 engineers. Covering all areas of Great Britain, this expansive, well-trained team underwrites the company policy on pro-active maintenance and 24-7 rapid response to emergency callouts.

Engineers are located across England, Scotland and Wales. In 2011 the Crawford group, one of the world’s largest suppliers of Industrial Door and Docking Systems to business’ in the UK, was acquired by ASSA ABLOY, to complement an already strong presence in pedestrian and security door markets.

Crawford products are designed, specified, manufactured, installed and serviced to the individual circumstances of the user.

Appointments with a local representative can be arranged.