StayLinked Corporation, the leader in modern wireless terminal emulation, continues to innovate and deliver high value solutions to its customers and channel partners. The launch of their latest SmartTE and StayLinked iQ products are set to transform Terminal Emulation environments.


Terminal Emulation (TE) is widely used in warehousing, manufacturing, and logistics environments as customers are increasingly looking to modernise their green-screen apps and provide a more intuitive, touchscreenfriendly user experience.

Padraig Regan, General Manager, Europe, for StayLinked explains, “Many have tried replacing their TE solutions with thick client or browser solutions. This is an expensive and risky approach, requiring long implementation cycles. Due to the underlying technology, it is unlikely to improve on the performance of the TE application being replaced. This creates a quandary for many of these real-time, high volume scanning environments because there is no viable alternative to TE.”

StayLinked’s new SmartTE ( TE) solves this dilemma. It delivers the easy-to-use, touchscreen-friendly screens of modern applications while maintaining the speed and reliability of Terminal Emulation. It automatically generates touch-friendly application screens and includes a designer which enables total screen customisation. SmartTE requires no changes to existing mainframe applications and requires no programming skills in the creation of new screens.

SmartTE modifies application screens so they work on touch-only devices without a keyboard. It supports Android and iOS devices from all manufacturers with Windows 10 IoT support coming very soon.

Padraig continues, “In addition, many data collection customers are under pressure to optimise worker productivity.

Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions can help with this but they are very expensive to implement and integrate into an existing environment. They can also be difficult to use and require dedicated and expensive resources to drive their benefits.”

StayLinked iQ is a new and exciting product designed specifically for terminal emulation environments to help optimise worker productivity in a cost effective, intuitive, way.

Integrated into StayLinked’s Terminal Emulation, iQ presents a wealth of information and intelligence including metrics related to workers, devices, network performance, servers and applications. It measures real worker productivity (e.g. pick rate) and lets you understand all the factors which affect it.

“SmartTE and StayLinked iQ are two examples of our ongoing investment and commitment to the terminal emulation market.” says Padraig. “Whether you are a large or small company, you can realise much more productivity and value from your existing TE solutions with StayLinked SmartTE and iQ”