The creative team at the factory in Wellingborough are all about providing solutions. This can of course be in the shape of a lightweight pallet, but when faced with a challenge they will look to provide an answer. It was from one of these challenges that the Pallite® box was born. The ingenious collapsible design is proving a hit for so many reasons, many of which are detailed below.

SJB11045[5]What can the Pallite® Box deliver?

1. It can be made to various footprints (most commonly 12×08 or 12×10)

2. It can be made to bespoke heights (ideal for maximising airfreight with the 155cm restriction)

3. It’s lighter than many pallet box combinations (utilising the lightweight pallet instead of wood)

4. The 25mm wall acts as a great protector from all directions

5. It’s capable of double stacking up to 750kg at a time to maximise space in transit and reduce the number of trips needed

6. With no nails, splinters or staples in sight, it’s perfect for food or other susceptible loads

7. It’s collapsible which allows more boxes to be sent in a flat pack format

8. It is very easily assembled

9. It can be provided in conjunction with tested insulate materials to provide a chilled or heat retaining solution

10. It’s ISPM15 exempt

11. Made predominantly from recycled paper, it’s also 100% recyclable post use so giving a great sustainable message

The Pallite® team were exhibiting at this year’s Multimodal Show, where they showcased the Pallite® range and generated some “paper magic”. If you didn’t get a chance to see the innovative product range, then ‘do not panic!’ You can meet the team again at this year’s Food and Drink Engineering Summit, stand number 23, where they will be running a workshop.

Such creativity does however come at a cost. What to do about the Company name. In addition to the boxes, the product has now been used to make boardroom tables, furniture and even a collapsible Wendy House. Welcome to the world of Pallite® – provided by The Alternative Pallet and Other Paper Solutions Ltd. Pallite® for short.

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