IBCS the independent specialist battery and charger company has added a new product range to its growing portfolio the HydroSave Battery Series. It has been developed to address today’s needs of the materials handling industry, specifically to minimise maintenance and operating costs.


By producing an exceptional quality battery with carefully matched accessories, the HydroSave Series significantly extends watering intervals and reduces energy consumption.

The series is matched with IBCS HF or Fronius chargers to maximise optimum performance and is available in three versions to satisfy customer requirements.

The Hydrosave Series has a unique set of features and benefits specifically aimed at offering a sensible, practical solution to operators. End user examples include:

Companies with warehouses or logistic hubs operating large forklift fleets where maintenance and energy cost are high.

Operations with rental or leasing contracts incorporating large forklift fleets, where maintenance forms part of the service agreement or contract.

IBCS managing director Jonathan Jones comments, ‘We’re delighted to make this new range available to our customers.’ ‘Not only can help reduce the overall forklift and maintenance budget, it’s adaptable and suitable enough to handle a range of low, normal and heavy duty operations’.

‘Water refilling represents a significant part of the time needed for battery maintenance. The watering interval depends on two main factors, acid reserve volume of the battery and water loss per cycle per week’.

‘In Hydrosave the electrolyte volume is increased meaning watering intervals are minimised, reducing maintenance costs.

Water loss is the result of water decomposition (electrolysis) which is directly proportional to the charging factor. By using this new patented technology with the IBCS range of high frequency premium chargers the battery temperature remains low and water consumption is reduced up to 50%’.

‘Additional assurance is completed through IBCS Nationwide care and service back-up contracts we sign with our customers’.

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