We have been conditioned by the airlines to think about what type of suitcase we use when packing for our holidays. Why?


With the advent of weight restrictions, we’re less likely to use an old fashioned, heavy duty suitcase, when there’s a much lighter version on the market that does the job just the same.

With excess baggage costing up to £20 per kilo (not too dissimilar to the price of ribeye or sirloin steak in your local supermarket), it’s not surprising that suitcase manufacturers have taken to producing strong, lightweight alternatives. After all, why pay more for something when you don’t need to?

Why shouldn’t it be the same with pallets? Some facts:

I. The pallet is the vehicle to carry the goods – the same as a suitcase

II. An average wooden pallet weighs around 25kg

III. A Pallite® that is capable of holding 750kg, weighs around 8kg

IV. That’s 17kg of weight being saved for every trip

V. Airlines charge for weight – and that includes the pallet

VI. If an airline is charging between £1.50 and £2 per kilo, that’s approximately £30 more profit per pallet load that can be made With airfreight tending to cost 12-16 times that of sea freight costs and customers demanding more competitive pricing from their suppliers, there’s even more reason to look at the pallet itself. Sure, we can shop around the different airlines and get a small saving here and there, but the pallet choice is a quick and easy way to increase profits.

Paper pallets have changed over the years and the Pallite® range leads that sector. They are strong and resilient. They are manufactured to include frames so they can travel along the airports’ conveyor systems. They are ISPM15 exempt – so are able to travel anywhere in the world – no need for heat treatment or worry about contamination.

David Rose, sales director for The Alternative Pallet Company says: “We have many customers who are now increasing their profit margins, not by charging more for their goods or by shopping around to get the cheapest price possible to send their goods, but by using a Pallite® solution to send their goods.”

Pallite® has also recently extended their range to include Pallite® Boxes – a stackable, lightweight box that can hold up to 750kg per box – again, ideal for airfreighting goods.

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