2015 marked the eleventh successive year of double-digit growth for IPP Logipal UK & Ireland, part of Pooling Partners, Europe’s #1 integrated full-service pooler and producer of pallets and boxes, and the UK & Ireland’s second largest pallet pooler.

IPP_FMCG3_(C)FaberHalbertsmaGroupCarl McInerney, country director, IPP Logipal UK & Ireland, part of Pooling Partners: “Pooling Partners in the UK and Ireland saw strong growth in 2015 through winning numerous new customers and extending services to existing customers. More and more businesses are appreciating the quality of our product, the excellence of our service delivery, the expertise of our people and the value for money we deliver.

“The excellent year of double-digit growth is not only a reflection of the rising demand for smart pallet solutions – pallet trips being an excellent economic barometer – but also our continued focus on exceeding our customers’ service expectations.

“The year saw high customer satisfaction with the level of service provided by the team, which set development benchmarks.

“In the UK, Pooling Partners is growing and retaining the right skills and experience to maintain its momentum and continually improve customer satisfaction. Our grass-roots approach to employee recruitment, induction and training is also proving effective.”


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