Dimensionally stable and shatterproof, economic and flexible – attractive characteristics of the current generation of plastic pallets from WERIT Kunststoffwerke. The IKP pallet range, manufactured from recycled plastic is the economical alternative to wooden pallets. From an environmental perspective a perfect choice. The pallets, meet industry-specific requirements, opening up their operative scope and making them suitable for a wide range of applications – from simple handling to complex applications on modern conveyor systems.


From disposable to reusable. This makes the IKP range attractive from both points of view: the economic and the environmental one. The products are extremely durable and resistant – lowering energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

In addition to their ecological properties, pallets of WERIT design type convince by their robust core: up to six reinforcing metal profiles can be added ensuring high-load capacities, needed for high-rack storage. Entry notches on both sides with cavity-free corners complete the profile of this new pallet generation.

Werit plastic pallets – flexible in detail

The broad WERIT pallet portfolio is made of high quality, homogenous, reclaimed HDPE, available in both Euro (1200 x 800 mm) and industrial dimensions (1200 x 1000 mm). All pallets can be supplied with external or anti-slip edges – 7 mm, or a special model with 22 mm.

WERIT also manufactures the plastic pallets in new HDPE, polypropylene (PP) or ESD-material (electrostatic discharge), and in custom colours for customers in the automotive, electrical and chemical industries. Thanks to a wide range of product materials, WERIT is able to meet almost all customer requirements, including antistatic, conductivity and hygienic specifications.


Already in 2014 WERIT Kunststoffwerke started to expand its operating range and thus increasingly marketing the new pallets internationally.

Due to the high quality, robustness, performance and durability of the plastic pallets, new customers to include pallet pooling service providers and – as the plastic pallets meet the most stringent hygienic requirements – the food industry, too. The PE-pallets are easy to clean and recycable, in so doing fulfilling all environmental specifications.

“Manchester is a very important production location for the WERIT Group when it comes to serving the English market,” explains Melinda Critchley, Sales Manager at WERIT UK. “It is very important to have the plastic pallets warehoused locally in order to meet demand quickly,” she adds.

Plastic pallet rental scheme at WERIT UK:


“Reduce, Re-use, Re-cycle“

The company has expanded its distribution model in the UK to include the rental of plastic pallets. Building on the successful sales launch of the new pallet generation, in Germany and the UK, WERIT is taking the next step ahead.

Renting pallets supports the customer to top up the purchased stock in order to handle peak demand without needlessly tying up capital. Melinda Critchley of WERIT UK says: “The secret to a successful renting scheme is a) a straight forward and easy to understand tariff system and b) a high quality, durable product which is usable across all industries. Traditionally, rental systems have been quite complex. The WERIT system removes complexity and makes for a cost competitive system that is transparent and easy to manage. This is especially valid for pallets which are used in a pooling system.”

The robust, WERIT plastic pallets are designed for repeated re-use without the need for repair. The pallet is easy to clean and does not absorb moisture. At the end of its service-life the WERIT pallet is fully recycable. The pallet is a living example of sustainability, “reduce, re-use, re-cycle”. These properties make it a tough competitor for the wooden pallet in a pooling system.

“A broad range of colours, conductivity, hygienic specifications, unique and bespoke markings are all possible features as WERIT is the one who produces the pallets“, says Felix Weger, Head of Operations at WERIT UK, who believes that as business gets progressively more complex, those who can offer simplified solutions will share in the benefits. The Werit pallet is an all-around unique product with future prospects and potential”.

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