Trumeter Technologies is a global manufacturer and distributor of diverse and sophisticated measurement products, sensing technologies and LED solutions with offices in Bury, Penang and Florida.


One of their key areas of expertise is LED lighting, which they gained through designing and manufacturing innovative solutions for a number of major automotive companies. Since then they have taken this technology, which was developed in their Research and Development headquarters in Bury, Manchester, and applied it to a number of other industries, including warehouses and cold stores.

They realised LED lighting had a number of benefits over conventional lighting, such as its ability to cope with temperatures as low as -40 degrees. This led to the development of two new LED lighting products, the TLC1100 Low Bay and TLC1200 High Bay, utilising LED’s that meet European design and testing standards.

In partnership with Stockport based lighting company Mainlight, Trumeter are able to offer a complete commercial package, which includes the installation and maintenance of their products.

Furthermore, Trumeter has developed a close relationship with leading finance companies resulting in their ability to offer extremely competitive finance rates over the term to suit the customer’s needs.

The benefits of Trumeter’s new products include a slim line and lightweight design which is easy to install and requires minimal space, reducing the risk of damage from forklift trucks, an integrated long life driver, and various optical designs, which can be tailored to match the needs of the application.

The products are also incredibly efficient, reducing energy costs so dramatically that they pay for themselves within as little as one year, while also reducing the carbon footprint.

No strangers to innovation, Trumeter have offered another industry first with the 10-year warranty period that they offer with their LED lighting solutions.

One high profile client that recently took advantage of Trumeter’s bespoke LED lighting solution was turkey manufacturer Bernard Matthews. Two of their coldstore facilities had an out-dated and inefficient lighting set up with poor visibility and high energy costs.

Trumeter replaced their 250w SON lighting with their TLC1100 product in one aisle of Coldstore 1 for a three-month trial, during which Bernard Matthews could do a direct comparison.

The technology’s unrivalled precision, based on electronics expertise developed in the cutting-edge automotive sector, allowed Trumeter’s professional team to examine, refine and develop the output performance to suit Bernard Matthews’ requirements exactly.

After it became clear that Trumeter’s lighting not only improved visibility but also energy efficiency and controllability, the solution was installed across both facilities.