More than half of the battery charging systems in Europe still use old 50 Hz transformer technology, with efficiency levels being as low as 56%. Where energy costs account for a large proportion of the overall fleet cost, energy wastage is hardly justifiable.


Driven by the aim of providing intelligent energy management systems that ensure lower life-costs and maximum efficiencies, battery charging technology expert Fronius has set new standards with the innovative self-regulating “Ri” charging process found in their range of battery chargers for intralogistics.

The Ri-charging process automatically adapts the charging characteristics according to the type of battery, age, temperature and discharge level – all of which are continually monitored from the moment the battery is connected to the charger. Every single charging cycle is unique, minimising harmful overcharging and warming of the battery. Thanks to this technology, Fronius Selectiva devices achieve charging efficiency levels that were previously inconceivable – a staggering 90%.

The Selectiva battery charging systems enable the end-user to gain maximum efficiency from their materials handling fleet. The systems save between 20 and 30% on the electricity costs of running a fleet, significantly reduce CO2 emissions and increase the total service life of batteries – lowering the total cost of ownership.

More than just a manufacturer, Fronius use their expertise to deliver bespoke solutions to their customers. By working together to assess their current situation, Fronius are able to highlight potential savings and improvements, plan in compliance with technical and legal standards and then manage the project through to assembly and commissioning.

With I-SpoT, Fronius’ intelligent savings potential tool, they are able to demonstrate what savings could be achieved using their technology over traditional battery charging systems. This calculator gives a comprehensive overview of a company’s forklift truck fleet, displaying energy costs, CO2 emissions, battery service life and maintenance costs. It evaluates which sites/departments would achieve the greatest savings and quickest R.O.I by switching over to Fronius systems.

Fronius’ services also include complete battery charging systems. Whether it be a single charging point, whole battery charging rooms or battery charging stations, the Fronius system concept ensures safe charging at all times by addressing all the hazards inherent in using these systems: the high charging currents, the release of potentially explosive gases, the handling of chemicals and unattended operation. The very latest standards and regulations for charging traction batteries are adhered to.

The Selectiva range of chargers from 1KW to 16KW (8KW and 16KW with Ri-charging process) are available through UK distributors IBCS and Manbat and currently come with a full 5 year warranty. For more information on complete charging systems for traction batteries visit or call Ross on 01908 512300.

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