The latest product to be added to the Efaflex range combines high door speed performance with the additional benefit of collision protection. ‘Soft Touch’ is the newest member to the roll-up range, specifically designed as an internal door for areas where fork lift trucks, transport vehicles or people come in to high volume contact.


As one would expect from Efaflex who have been designing class leading high- speed doors for over 40 years, the engineering and operational qualities are exceptional. Soft Touch is packed full of unique features all designed with the safety of the users in mind. This space saving design combines the tensioning of the door curtain and the weight of the counterbalance with collision and crash detection in one integrated system.

Should the door leaf touch an obstacle such as a loaded pallet or person, then the closing edge will bend in any direction without causing any harm or damage to the obstruction. If the extent of the bend is substantial, then the two snap-in connections disconnect sending a ‘crash’ signal to the sensors which instructs the door to return to a full open position. In contrast to other constructions, the separate snap-in connections of the EFA-SRT® Soft Touch are quickly and simply reinstated when the door reaches the closed position. This results in superior functionality, absolute operational safety and a legendary longevity of 150,000 cycles per year.

Soft Touch is ideal for areas of high volume traffic, easy to clean and available in 4500mm and 5000mm widths. The standard curtain is made of 0.8mm thick fabric reinforced polyester and available with or without viewing window for exceptional visibility with other curtain options available. The door leaf protects against drafts and combines high-speed opening and door curtain tension to provide durability and functionality.

Soft Touch – a great all- rounder!

Established in Germany in 1974, EFAFLEX is a privately owned business employing over 1,000 staff. EFAFLEX is the only company worldwide to focus exclusively on high-speed doors. Today the company offers unchallenged technological innovation and design, Head Quartered in Bavaria and with a sales network across 50 countries and all 5 continents. Its ethos is to continually assess the needs of their users and produce exceptional class leading products that deliver unparalleled cost and safety benefits.

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