At FMH Conveyors, based in Corby UK, we have always taken pride in being the premier provider of BestFlex and PowerFlex flexible conveyors which are primarily used for loose loading and unloading of transport vehicles. Enhanced by our range of BestReach telescopic boom conveyors we built a solid business supplying the distribution industry with materials handling equipment, to be found mainly around the dock doors of companies, for handling parcels, tyres, bags or other manually loaded items.


However, it became increasingly clear that there were applications in the sortation and distribution industries that drew our products and services deeper into operations away from the dock door. In particular, the surge in internet shopping and e-commerce led to an increase in loose parcel shipping and an increased need for simple sort centres and distribution centres that could be set up very quickly, modified easily, and re-located as required. Our solution to this application problem is our BestConnect range of conveyors which adds mobile rigid conveyors to our range of flexible conveyors allowing us to provide conveyor systems and solutions which can be delivered, installed and ready for use on the same day. These conveyors can be moved between sites, added to and re-configured. The rigid modules can be used with a range of accessories and are entirely compatible with our powered and gravity flexible conveyors and can be integrated with our telescopic boom conveyor range.

Running from a single phase, 240V power supply makes the BestConnect system easy to deploy to most industrial sites. The internal power within the frame of the conveyor is limited to a maximum of 120Vdc bringing the electrical distribution system under the control of the Low Voltage Directive. Each section is fully PAT tested and CE marked ensuring the BestConnect range is one of the safest systems of its kind on the market today.

FMH_lockup_4c[7]The BestConnect range currently includes straights of various length, tight turns, curves, simple merges, manual sortation tables, powered master sections, powered slave sections and gravity conveyors. An interesting recent addition to our component range is our ball table unit with integrated weigh scale station. This allows packages to pass over a manual sortation table and a weight reading will be shown on a small screen opposite the operator allowing them to determine whether a package is of suitable weight to continue in the sortation process.


FMH Conveyors is always delighted to add innovative engineered solutions to tailor the existing range to suit the exact customer application. Customers tend to appreciate that the ability to re-use the conveyors at alternative locations overcomes the reluctance to invest in what may prove to be temporary operations.

The benefits of choosing the BestConnect system, such as rapid deployment and low impact to operations, are well illustrated using a typical case study:

FMH Conveyors completed a £150k materials handling project for a major third party logistics provider. The system was designed for the packing, filling, and shipping of goods according to their customers specific orders.

The facilities engineering team at the customer’s plant had a small amount of engineering preparation to do. In the area of the installation six industrial 1ph/240V power supply outlets were installed.

The system itself featured full Zero Line Pressure (ZLP) flow control with multiple workstation lines being brought together through controlled merges. With the integration of weigh scales and a case sealer FMH Conveyors were able to provide a full system solution.

PowerConnect[6]Following a manufacturing lead time of just 10 weeks the system components were delivered on a Friday evening. The whole system was then set up and commissioned in just 10 hours on Saturday. By Monday morning when the operations team returned to work the system was fully functional. During the first day of operation the new system achieved over 120% of the expected throughput leaving the customer very happy indeed.