With security and insulation at the forefront of the design, the Spirol 40 High Speed Security door has been expertly engineered to operate as an external door in a multitude of warehouse, loading bay and industrial locations.

P1020774Offering protection against harsh environments, Enerco have developed this sleek, smooth-faced curtain in a unique modular design. With interchangeable parts, it offers outstanding reliability and reduced maintenance costs for openings up to 6.5m wide by 6m high.

The Spirol door is made up of number of insulated lath sections, each one manufactured from two skins of anodised aluminium or steel with high-density PU foam infill, that have the option of different finishes and colours to suit individual surroundings and corporate branding.

Featuring a patented circular rolling spiral made from high-density UHMWPE to provide a non-contact roll up, the door remains clean and aesthetically pleasing, providing perfect clarity for years to come.

The Spirol door is opened and closed using a powerful three phase direct drive motor, which can reach opening speeds of up to 2m per second. This makes it the ideal solution for frequently used areas requiring pest control, as well as vulnerable locations and areas where temperature needs to be regulated.

All warehouses, loading bays and industrial locations have different requirements, which is why all Enerco doors come with a number of remote control options. These include induction loops, photocells, radar, push button, pull switch, radio and infrared controls.

Based in Milton Keynes and Halifax, Enerco Doors and Loading Bay Solutions are market leaders, providing high quality, secure, durable industrial doors and loading bay equipment.

For your peace of mind Enerco offer a nationwide service, repair and maintenance package to support their ever-growing client base.

Tel: 01525 289 322



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