Why not? Who would have thought a mixture of paper and glue could hold an eight-tonne John Deere Tractor… and you’d be able to recycle it afterwards with no concerns about adding to the landfill in this country?


Is a paper pallet always better than a wooden pallet? Is a plastic pallet better than a metal pallet? Is wood better than metal? The answer has to be… sometimes. How inspiring!

But it’s true. Jeremy Clarkson would argue that a VW Passat Estate was better than a Ferrari 458 if he was asked which car is better for a family of four going on a wet, summer camping holiday on the south coast (okay, he probably wouldn’t, but that’s just because he’d want to be difficult!). What’s important, is that it doesn’t mean the VW is the better car, it just means it’s the better car for that situation.

It’s the same with pallets.

Whilst wooden pallets have dominated the pallet industry for years, demand and need has changed and there are now other choices. Better choices.

Would you say a wooden pallet is the best option if you are looking to send products on a pallet by air freight? Well, when there is the option of saving 20kg of ‘dead weight’ by changing to a robust paper pallet (like the ISPM 15 Exempt Pallite®!), then probably not?

With today’s health and safety standards, can you take a wooden pallet

straight from a food processing plant into a kitchen? Very doubtful with all the bugs, nails and splinters found on your average wooden pallet.

What about sending in pharmaceutical products into an extremely clean, hygienic area?  Certainly not. Some of the most sterile areas demand nothing but plastic (that can be cleaned very easily).

Now, of course, you are able to leave your wooden pallets outside to the elements and whilst that leaves them exposed to anything nature (or nature’s animals and birds) wants to throw at it, it does mean you don’t have to worry about internal storage. Wooden pallets can also be fixed when they get damaged and this can lengthen the life. But I think we would struggle to find anyone who would say they don’t mind manually handing a wooden pallet around. If the nails and splinters don’t get you then the sheer weight of a 25kg to 30kg pallet will soon send you to the osteopath!

Before anyone reads this and thinks it’s a complete condemnation on wood – it’s not. Wood absolutely has its place and will probably be the dominant pallet type for years to come. But surely in this day and age where there is a call for recycling, less trees being felled, lighter and more hygienic packaging, there has to be a bigger call for the paper pallet (especially when it’s predominantly made from recycled sources).

You can also fit more Pallites® in a VW Passat Estate compared to a Ferrari – so we think it’s a better car too… and it’s more environmentally friendly!

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