PZ Pallets are manufacturing metal pallets in the UK. These can be galvanised steel, powder coated steel, aluminium or stainless steel.


We have managed to get the price significantly down from other metal pallet producers due to their unique construction. We have applied for Patents worldwide and this means that metal pallets are now a serious cost effective alternative to wooden pallets, which although have served the industry well, are beset with some critical issues for many organisations.

The benefits of the metal pallets are numerous, the obvious ones being they have a much longer life, whereas a wooden pallet life is estimated at 3 years, metal pallets go on for ever! They are also much stronger and can take heavier loads, they are hygienic and can be easily washed and cleaned, and do not harbour bacteria or take on water/moisture, which can cause problems in certain environments. They are also zero fire risk. And above all, they look amazing, state of the art production facilities no longer want ugly splintered wooden pallets!

Where weight is an issue, then the aluminium pallets fit the purpose, by weighing approximately half the weight of a wooden pallet.

We were approached by several leading retailers who have automated systems and the wooden pallets repeatedly get rejected by the system, as the wooden pallets twist and get distorted over time, thereby needing manual handling of the pallet. The rate was approaching 30% rejection rate. We developed in conjunction with them a custom made pallet that works seamlessly with the automated system. Due to the metal pallet being consistent in sizes (down to the last millimetre) and the fact the metal pallet will retain it’s shape over time, the metal pallets provided a cost effective alternative that will last trouble free now for years.

We recently supplied a small manufacturing company that simply wanted a clean environment with functional modern handling, so wanted to upgrade form their wooden pallets to all aluminium, we are seeing a trend in this, especially in a closed system.

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