Scott Wallace, Potter Logistics

Knapp-logoScott Wallace joined Potter Logistics in September 2001 as a Warehouse Operative. Within this role Scott ensured that he understood the operational process and procedures before being promoted to Warehouse Shift Supervisor in August 2002. Scott worked closely with the Site Operations coordinator to ensure that all shift operations were carried out in a timely manner whilst ensuring that Health and Safety was his first priority.

During February 2008 Scott was promoted to Site Operations Supervisor. This role centred on ensuring that all warehouse operations were operating within the strict Health and Safety, budgetary and operational guidelines.

In September 2010 Scott was promoted to Operations Manager. This role sees Scott working closely with the General Manager, taking control of the operational and budgetary controls. During 2014 Scott was pivotal in overseeing a warehouse move – the new site looking after the operational movement of 15,000 pallets – whilst continuing to operate a full level of service to Potter’s customers.

Tomasz Pietrak-Owazany, Aztek Logistics Limited

Tomasz Pietrak-Owazany started with Aztek Logistics Ltd in December 2013 as a warehouse operative. His rapid rise through the ranks began once his natural leadership and management skills came to the fore and were recognised by all that worked around him. He was soon promoted to Warehouse Supervisor, where he was to take on more of the operational and health and safety elements of running a 3PL warehouse.

With his attention to detail, and “can do” mind set, many of the Aztek clients started to ask for Tom’s assistance whenever they came on site, as he made it his priority to understand each client’s service requirement and an in depth knowledge of all their products. During this time he was also trained in the use of Aztek’s warehouse management system, and therefore has developed a greater understanding of the need for detailed and rapidly communicated information.

In August 2014, he was promoted to the vacant post of Warehouse Manager, and since this time he has made a considerable impact on the effective running of Aztek’s warehouse operation. This has enabled the company to actively seek BRC accreditation for Storage and Distribution, as he has adopted and promoted the quality management procedures needed for this, which in turn has impacted on the company’s service levels.
John Cunningham, Autofulfil Limited

John is managing director of Autofulfil. A founder member of the Internet order fulfilment centre, based in Co. Galway, Ireland, he has been the driving force behind its rapid growth. The company was established just two years ago with a major contract from, delivering 1,000 e-commerce orders per day during the peak season. Before Autofulfil was a year old, the business had attracted international e-commerce brand and had grown sufficiently to invest in its own 30,000 square feet facility, within which it built four levels to provide 100,000 square feet of space. This significantly extended capacity, diluting rental costs per square feet. Although the move was a major undertaking for Autofulfil, the timing was planned to ensure seasonal operations were uninterrupted for SchoolBooks. Since the move, Autofulfil has seen sustained and significant growth, with 20 new customers and 100% increase in revenue in year two. Currently, the fulfilment centre handles 2000 orders per shift and delivers all over the world. For the future, Autofulfil is geared to process between 8-10,000 orders per shift and is targeting up to 50 new customers by the end of this year.