Office Depot (UK) Ltd

rtitb_logo_for-twitterOffice Depot provides business supplies and services to help its customers work better – whatever the workplace. A single source for everything customers need to be more productive, including the latest technology, core office supplies, print and document services, business services, facilities products, furniture, and school essentials.

The company embraces the need for continuous improvement and never gets too comfortable with the status quo. Personal needs or agendas are subordinate to the greater benefit of the team.

Managing its supply chain to continually deliver and improve customer service is always a key business priority for Office Depot.

DOPsys is a business process for last mile logistics – the most crucial part of any supply chain. The process covers all activities from the receipt and storage of the equipment in the warehouse through the outload and delivery to the customers site and finally the installation of the equipment.

DOPsys for Office Depot is about working to defined and structured processes supported by focused training for the warehouse and delivery teams. Office Depot has committed to a continual development process, which brings new ways of working and DOPsys forms part of that on-going development.


The ‘Elddis Way’ training programme has been rolled out across the business – with training opportunities available to all staff.

When establishing the programme, Elddis wrote to their customers to assess the areas where its workforce’s performance could be improved. The result is a level 2 Customer Services Diploma that is open to the entire workforce – including senior management.

The programme has been developed to specifically meet Elddis’s needs and includes enrolment, maths and English assessments, two full-day JAUPT CPC-approved training workshops, one-to-one on-the-job training and competency training.

The programme was co-funded through the Skills Funding Agency which, combined with the Elddis investment, provided a £300,000 training plan.

Over 95% of the Elddis workforce has taken up the offer of training and, the company reports, feedback from staff has been excellent.

Logistics Learning Alliance (LLA) Ltd

Logistics Learning Alliance (LLA) was formed in 2004 through the team’s passion to deliver logistics and supply chain training to all levels of personnel, in both Commercial and Humanitarian Aid organisations. Students come from diverse backgrounds such as the, Commercial Sector, Armed Forces and Humanitarian Organisations giving a broad base for the development of innovative courses aimed at meeting specific organisational needs.

elddis-logoLLA aims to be the preferred training partner for any organisation wanting to improve the performance of their supply chain through the continuous development of their people. Courses provided cover all aspects of management and leaderships, project management, customer service as well as the technical areas of supply chain and logistics management.

LLA is nominated for the innovative programmes developed to meet specific company needs and in particular the training programmes developed to Certify companies looking to become DOPsys Certified Partners.

DOPsys is a business process for last mile logistics. The most crucial part of any supply chain is the last mile delivery. Even more so when the product requires special handling and installation covering mainframe computers, whole laboratory fit-outs to the installation of office printers.

The process covers all activities the receipt and storage of the equipment in the warehouse through the outload and delivery to the customers site and finally the installation of the equipment either to engineer set-to-work or for the installer set-to-work in the case of minor installations. To support the DOPsys process, LLA developed a series of training programmes covering the driver/technicians, team leaders and project manager levels.