Leading point of care medical product manufacturer Siemens Healthcare is implementing software and engineering company Red Ledge’s new manufacturing production system on its two Sudbury, Suffolk instrumentation and consumables manufacturing sites. ‘Red Ledge Manufacturer’ will use innovative, pre-packaged process design and 2D bar-coding to automate Siemens’ production process, maximising its accuracy and traceability from raw materials to components, assembly and finished build – including a record of the employees who were involved at each stage.


Siemens Healthcare point of care medical products are typically used in hospitals and intensive care units, A&E departments and specialist diabetic and other clinics. The company also manufactures the consumables that keep the instruments running efficiently.

Commenting on Siemens Healthcare’s deployment of Red Ledge Manufacturer company senior operations manager Paul McGarry, who is responsible for all manufacturing says: “It is imperative that we continue to meet strict FDA [US Food and Drug Administration] regulations, and Red Ledge Manufacturer will help us do that by giving us traceability of the component parts fitted to every instrument we make, as well as tracking who has completed each stage of the build process. The new system will give us all production test results and also generate data on instrument failure and repairs. We are putting in place a number of electronic activities that take decision making away from the subjectivity of the operator, decreasing any potential for human error. We expect better manufacturing control, higher information visibility and productivity improvement. Finally, we had a tight schedule that Red Ledge was able to meet, cost-effectively.”

“Few manufacturing environments are more demanding than healthcare, and we are pleased to have Siemens as an early adopter of our new system” adds Red Ledge technical director Alan Wilcockson.

Red Ledge Manufacturer can also be used with RFID (radio frequency ID).

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