Kevin Martin, Supreme Fuels

aisle-master-logoLeaving the British Army as a Warrant Office, Kevin fully understood that part of this transition to the commercial world would need some area of self-development both in understanding how his service logistics skills could support a new role but also the need for improved knowledge

Kevin embarked on a Level 5 course which could offer him the widest range of supply chain management and logistics skills. He was drawn to LLA through its reputation of excellence and the added bonus of having former service personal among the team – people who could talk service language and help with the conversion to civilian talk.

To gain the broadest range of skills Kevin selected five areas of study, including Warehouse Management. Kevin found each area brought its own challenges some much more than others but with each additional question, Kevin took this as an opportunity to learn more and adapt.

Throughout the course Kevin continued to work hard in his day to day warehouse and logistics role in the gas and oil sector, taking the learning as a chance to improve and develop his day to day work, including sharing and empowering his staff with new skills and confidence.

At the end of the course Kevin successful completed each subject area to a very high standard, a credit to his desire to be the very best Junior Manager. This was not the end of Kevin’s training. After this course he embarked on a fresh challenge with LLA with his desire not to stand still but, in his desire to enhance his career prospects, to improve his skills and knowledge.

Kevin is currently a Logistic Manager at Supreme Fuels, responsible for fuel storage solutions. Founded in 1957, Supreme Group is a global leader in the provision of end to end supply chain solutions to defence, government, and commercial sector clients in challenging environments around the world.

James Ross, Potter Logistics

James Ross started with Potter Logistics in 2013 as an apprentice administrator within the warehousing operation. He quickly showed himself to be a capable and committed member of the team and moved within the organisation to become Operations Site Supervisor, responsible for day to day activities for a leading client.


James has regularly worked additional hours including the night shift to cover sickness and holidays even though agency cover was offered. He even went as far as handing his personal mobile number out to clients and suppliers in case of any out of hours issues.

Through training James quickly gained knowledge of both our internal warehouse management system and that of our customer, meaning he could then help stream lining operations and reviewing processes.

In particular; James introduced an extra order check system, which included photographing each product as it was loaded onto the vehicle and logged with its own unique reference number alongside the customer order number. He expertly organised the process and managed the staff to ensure timely completion. The reason for implementing this additional check if our customer’s customer stated a product hadn’t been received, we could then prove the item had been loaded, instantly increasing customer confidence.

James constantly demonstrates his willingness to learn and take on new responsibilities, in 2014 James completed his BSC level 1 qualification and is now looking to complete his IOSH certificate in June of this year. He took part in the Measurable Management course, which demonstrates leadership competence through management skills and has also taken on the responsibility of fire warden for the Dunnington DC.

James is well respected amongst his peers and colleagues, he values the opinions of his staff and is always willing to seek guidance when he is unsure of a specific item. He values on-going learning and is always willing to share his knowledge with others to ensure best practice.

Carla Dobson, Samuel Grant Group Limited

Carla is an expert in the Samson Nano System thanks in part to her dedication and selling expertise. She gives time and effort to the machines beyond her normal role. She has taken time out of her busy schedule and targeted position to assist the company to exhibit at events like Multimodal and Intralogistex, and has done so with ultimate professionalism and enthusiasm.

Carla is a true team player. She helps external sales staff with her expertise to enable them to better sell the Samson Nano System, time, which she gives freely and patiently.

Since Carla started in the role Samuel Grant have seen an increase of 71% in the Samson Nano business. She has closed existing discussions, as well as generated new leads. Although her role is target orientated, this is not Carla’s only goal, and once she has exceeded her targets, she carries on, and helps others to excel as well.