International Logistics Group Limited

Perry-AppletonInternational Logistics Group Limited (ILG) was founded in 1990 and currently employs 108 people. The company has two divisions, Fulfilment and Delivery.

The Fulfilment division provides a complete third party logistics function including importation, clearance, warehousing and stock management and a full pick & pack solution. ILG also provide global delivery services to homes, retail outlets and business locations. ILG provides services to around 100 clients from three warehouses each of approximately 20,000 square feet and a fourth warehouse opened in June 2015.

The company’s approach to customer service is simple – all customers know by name the team that they are dealing with and ILG staff build a sound relationship with the customer so they have a good knowledge of their business, and what it takes to ensure first class service. ILG monitors its performance and customer satisfaction and feedback that information to continuously improve their service.

ILG’s fulfilment customer service team has three sections, fashion & beauty, e-commerce and the business bureau. Each customer is looked after by one of these specialist sections with a dedicated Customer Account Manager who has a thorough understanding of the customer’s business and their particular needs.

New customers are allocated an Implementation Manager who works with them to set up their account to suit their particular needs and stays with the account, alongside the Customer Account Manager, for three months. He agrees the SLA, writes the standard operating procedures, updates the training matrix and works with the Warehouse Mentor to ensure those working on the account are trained prior to implementation.

ILG monitor customer service and make it easy for our customers to provide feedback. They do this in a range of ways including a ‘How am I doing?’ added to all customer service staff e-mails with comments coming back to the Customer Services Manager. Each customer also has a regular face to face review with a Customer Relationship Manager who captures scores in relation to four aspects of our service, delivery performance, customer service, finance and IT, each being marked out of 5 to give an overall percentage score.


With more than 50 years’ experience in designing and delivering intelligent, productive, bespoke and cost-effective warehouse management solutions, Logistex has helped hundreds of clients in a variety of sectors to raise productivity, improve service and increase efficiency.

At its Kettering head office, Logistex has dedicated hotline support for Systems and Controls issues, manned by skilled engineers with a wealth of industry experience. Hotline support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To ensure it provides the highest service levels to its clients, each customer’s site has a primary and secondary expert assigned. This structure ensures that there is a rapid resolution of issues, as complex problems are escalated to the appropriate level of expertise.

When not actually on a hotline shift, Logistex engineers visit customer sites to understand how they use their Logistex system operationally, and to meet the people who will be calling when an issue arises.

Samuel Grant Group Ltd

The Samson Nano pallet wrapping system from the Samuel Grant Group offers customers a clear fixed price per wrapped pallet. There is no capital expenditure to the customer, and all the servicing and maintenance is carried out at a fixed price by Samuel Grant Group Ltd.

The machine is constantly monitored by Samuel Grant – who have a team of experts to advise customers should a problem or query arise.

The Samson Nano is a great example of looking at a problem from a customer’s point of view. It is extremely difficult for a customer to assess the difference between the best and the worst pallet wrap when visually they both look identical. It is also very difficult for them to assess which new machine to buy when every manufacturer will quote the machines optimum ability not a real life example. There are also tricks of the trade such as making the cardboard core of the stretch wrap extra heavy. This means that even the best price per tonne of film may not be the cheapest.

The Samson Nano was developed to remove complexity from the pallet wrapping operation, and ensure that Samuel Grant can continually be involved in servicing the customers’ needs, as opposed to just selling them a machine and walking away.

There are no fixed term contracts when it comes to the Samson Nano. If a customer doesn’t like it, or feels that it isn’t for them, they simply hand it back.