In the ultra-competitive logistics environment, Joloda International provide world class solutions for truck loading. Joloda design, manufacture and install automatic truck-loading systems from factories in Liverpool, Anglesey, Holland and USA.


Innovative solutions have underpinned the Joloda approach since the company was founded in 1969.   Today, Joloda International is a market leader in the air-cargo industry, newsprint industry, fast moving consumer goods distribution such as Unilever, Proctor & Gamble, Kimberley Clarke as well as, automotive just in time deliveries and the drinks industry.

The success of Joloda is based on a combination of innovative solutions and unrivalled technical support. Over 100 skilled employees and a worldwide network of distributors provide the levels of back-up our competitors can only dream of.

Elegant materials handling solutions are based on ISO9001 Quality Assurance systems and include fully-integrated electrical controls. And when it comes to technical expertise, Joloda can handle every type and size of contract right up to full turnkey projects. Joloda now have around 50 sites in the UK that use automatic loading with another 30 sites across Europe.

Investing in automatic loading systems creates many benefits to the user with significant cost reductions and ROI.  Companies such as Coca Cola, Britvic, Nestle, Heinz, all produce high volume goods that are distributed daily to their NDC’s and use Joloda automatic loading in their logistics supply chain.

There are many reasons why customers have chosen to use automatic loading, most of these are cost driven.

Using automatic loading dock eradicates the need for forktrucks and drivers where the highest cost saving comes from. The system is also a 1 man operation. With less forktrucks and people in the loading bay area, it also creates a safer working environment with little risk of accidents.

Conventional truck loading with forktrucks takes around 30 minutes, whereas using a Joloda automatic system reduces the process to approx. 2 minutes so the loading process is greatly speeded up. Faster loading means quick turnaround so this results in fewer vehicles needed in the supply chain.

As the system is totally controlled and loaded in 1 go, there is little or no damage to the product as often happens on loading by forktruck. Reduction in forktrucks and vehicles also contributes to the underlying issue all companies are working towards, of reducing their carbon footprint.

Overall, ROI can be as little as 18 months. The reduction costs also leads to an increase customer satisfaction through offering a more efficient cost effective logistics process.

Joloda have just installed 2 systems in Dijon France for Unilever, 1 at Britvic Rugby and are currently working on a system for Unilever Brazil and Colgate in Brazil.

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