Many warehouses and distribution centres have several sets of external metal steps which lead to the likes of Transport or Engineers offices.

Completed-stairs-2[1]At this time of year they are often very slippery with ice or just residual water. The nature of the metal steps often allows water to gather in areas that are well worn or have crevices. Once the temperature drops, these can become extremely dangerous.

One large supermarket distribution centre asked for quotes for this type of work last year but decided it wasn’t a priority. After two separate incidents in January when employees have slipped on their stairs they immediately raised an order for the work.

Other sites within the same group are now having this work carried out after a general Health & Safety review.

The process is simple but thorough and effective. As always preparation is vital. Using primers, resin, super hard bauxite, and sealants the steps are transformed, not only visibly but more importantly, into a safe practical stair area for many years to come.

Health & Safety issues like this need addressing now and not once someone has been injured

In addition to this, the key to safety within the warehouse in clearly marked walkways, fire exits etc. & having expansion joints that do not cause forklifts to ‘judder’ or pedestrian to trip. GRF, who have been in business for 25 years, offer proven solutions for all of these.

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