Varlink, the York based Value Added Distributor supply the full Honeywell mobile and scanning range alongside the recently acquired Intermec RFID, voice and printing solutions to meet your warehouse and logistics requirements.


As customer expectations and e-commerce demands increase, Operations Managers are relying heavily on mobile hardware to increase efficiency and reduce labour costs within warehouse and distribution centres.

Operations Managers invest in technologies to improve workflow process and achieve positive results, while also saving the company money. Honeywell have seen their handheld and scanning solutions being used in warehouse applications such as receiving, putaway, picking and packing in order to improve accuracy and productivity. Accurate data entry at the point of picking is critical to increasing and maximising warehouse inventory throughput, while helping drive down costs.

Accurate data entry can be provided by Honeywell’s Tecton mobile computer, which features ToughTalk technology allowing users to utilise voice technology for a more accurate method over paper pick lists. Where paper lists can become damaged and unreadable, the Tecton can store or transfer data to ensure the elimination of inaccuracies.

The Tecton is the successor to the Honeywell MX7 and is backward compatible, ensuring any transition from the MX7 to the Tecton is as cost free as possible. Meeting the demands of the harsh warehouse environment, the Tecton features an IP65 rating along with a 1.8m drop spec to ensure years of trouble free operation. Also available for cold storage environments, the TectonCS offers all of the same benefits to those working in temperatures as low as -30°.

While endeavouring to overcome challenges associated with warehouse productivity, Operations Managers require an accurate and ergonomic scanning solution that enhances the workflow rather than becoming an obstruction in the working environment. Where workspace is vital, companies require their scanning and mobility solutions to take up as little space as possible.

Pallet picking requires fast workflow activity and the risk of inaccuracies can be higher across this application. These inaccuracies can be diminished with Honeywell’s industry leading vehicle mount computers. Honeywell’s popular Thor series of vehicle mount computers feature screen sizes of up to 9.7” and offer ‘hot swap’ mounting and dismounting which can eliminate downtime in the event of a fork lift error. The Thor Smart Dock enables mounting and removal of the computer, much like a laptop dock but with the ruggedness and sealing required for industrial applications, allowing the computer to be transferred between fork lifts as the workload changes. Real time data capture at the point of transaction using multi-modal devices is critical to warehouse operational excellence. Accurate data entry at receipt is necessary to avoid cascading errors in the logistics chain.

High performance scanning is also required in warehouse environments where damaged barcodes are expected. Honeywell’s Granit series of industrial scanners provide superior scanning of both damaged and hard to read barcodes supporting maximum operator productivity and reducing any hand-keyed errors. The Granit 1280i offers scan feedback of ‘good reads’ using bright LED’s and an enhanced beeper volume which overcomes the conditions of the warehouse environment while eliminating redundant scanning. The right equipment eliminates unnecessary steps your workers take every day. Honeywell’s industry leading motion tolerance imaging scanners quickly read barcodes from six inches to pallets located over 50 feet away, meaning fork lift operators remain productive, scanning labels on the floor and the highest racks.

Honeywell systems enable companies to accurately track every item throughout their supply chain and improve efficiency, saving endless hours in cross docking, yard management and pick-up and delivery operations. Honeywell’s mobile computers, RFID systems, barcode scanners and imagers deliver real-time information exactly where it’s needed so companies have complete and timely visibility of their goods at all times. Honeywell’s 70 Series of RFID readers is a no-compromise, next generation family of ultra-rugged mobile computers in a choice of three ergonomic designs, on one common platform. The benefits of the single-platform approach includes the simplicity of one architecture, one software build, one set of peripherals and one charging system, ensuring ease of use and lower staff training costs.

As demand continues to grow in the warehouse and manufacturing industry, mobile technology continues to play a key role. With engineered Honeywell solutions from Varlink, you can radically reduce labour costs, create a more efficient workforce and reduce downtime associated with damaged devices that can occur in harsh environments. Honeywell state that around 72% of warehouses now have mobile computers deployed helping them increase efficiency and improve productivity.

Honeywell’s engineered solutions can radically reduce labour costs, create a more efficient workforce, reduce downtime and withstand the harsh environments associated with warehouse and logistics environments.

Honeywell products available from Varlink have a variety of keypad and scanning options depending on the application. To enquire about the Honeywell mobile or scanning product set, please contact Varlink on 01904 717180 or visit

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