Lighting in warehousing is often over five years’ old, on 24 hours a day and based on inefficient technology. But now LEDs and smart controls can deliver dramatic energy savings for warehouses and distribution centres – all the while improving the environment for staff.


There’s a revolution going on in lighting: by replacing old inefficient schemes with modern alternatives, energy and facilities managers can slash their energy bills and reduce their CO2 emissions whilst providing people-centred lighting. And you can find out how at LuxLive 2014, the UK’s biggest lighting exhibition. It takes place at ExCeL London on 19 and 20 November and is entirely free-to-attend.

Ripping up the rule book, Lux brings together all of the latest innovations in this fast-moving sector. It will scrutinise the pros and cons of current lighting tech and will get under the bonnet of some of the UK’s most challenging lighting projects.

As you’d expect, the big names will be out in force and will have a massive presence at the show, which attracted over 6,500 visitors last year. Tamlite, Holophane, Abacus, Cree, Luxonic, Philips and Gewiss will all be there along with more than 170 other big lighting brands.

LuxLive’s exhibition is supported by an extensive programme of free-to-attend talks which has been divided into the key sectors that are feeling the effects of the LED revolution including warehousing and distribution centres as well as emergency and outdoor lighting. The programme will feature a series of in depth sessions on Thursday 20 November which will include a panel discussion on balancing the competing requirements of higher light levels in warehouses with the need to reduce energy. There will be a live demo by ExCeL’s Building Services Manager of their intelligent lighting system, and the Lux team will be taking an in-depth look at the often significant difference between the calculated savings and payback period of a lighting or control installation, and the actual results. They will be looking at why this is and asking what are the lessons of the big LED retrofits of recent years and how can we make more accurate predictions?


The organisers of LuxLive believe that the best way to learn is by enjoying yourself. That’s why they’ve created two stunning arenas on the floor of the show which will have a series of interactive content hosted by some of most engaging and informed personalities on the lighting beat, including tech experts and Team Lux.

It’s a rolling programme, so whatever time you rock up, there’ll be something engaging and interactive.

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LuxLive2014-logo+dateLuxLive – The Facts

Dates: 19-20 November

Venue: ExCeL London

Admission: free of charge, register in advance for a free pass