9.30am     Registration/Refreshments/Exhibition

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Chairman’s Opening Remarks.

10.00am    Height Safety     

Falls from height still play a major part across industry including workers accessing racking and storage systems. The access and egress onto racking is unpreventable for installation, maintenance and goods collection presenting a significant risk to the worker. It is essential to risk assess the working at height activity, following the hierarchy laid down in the WAHR, taking into consideration the category of work, correct PPE and anchor point selection.

Neil Pinder, Health & Safety Specialist, SponSel

10.30am   Lighting and Its Impact on Safety in the Storage Industry

This presentation will focus on the safety aspects of the correct use of lighting in storage facilities with reference to the factors to consider from an operational point of view.

Martin Needham, Managing Director, Lutterworth Ecolighting


11.20am    How to Handle Regulators

A practical look at the different types of interaction organisations can have with Regulators and how they might manage those different interactions to get the most from the Regulator and best protect themselves from enforcement action.

Kevin Bridges, Partner and Lawyer, Pinsent Masons LLP

11.50am    Safety Wear: Eye Protection

Eye protection is an important part of the PPE kit for operations staff throughout the supply chain of storage equipment. This presentation will address the standards applicable with reference to the practical options available for different areas of activity.

Adam Willcock, Product Manager, Arco


1.00pm    Fee For Intervention – Overview and Update

HSE will provide an update of Fee for Intervention including a reminder of how and when it is incurred, how it works, and the results of the findings as requested by the Triennial Review.

Michael Bone, H M Inspector of Health and Safety, Health and Safety Executive

1.30pm    Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER)

The safe use of storage systems is regulated not least by PUWER. This paper will give an overview of the critical points of PUWER, and CE marking with respect to machines, including responsibilities and certification.

Brent Hudson, Technical Director, Machinery Safety & Compliance Services Ltd

2.00pm    Damage to Storage Equipment – We Cause It, You Fix It!

Without doubt, the vast majority of damage inflicted upon storage equipment, especially adjustable pallet racking, is caused by mechanical means, and in particular Fork Lift Trucks. But why? Is it the type of lift truck used? Or is it the way they are used? What type of truck should be used for a particular application and what can be expected of the persons who operate them?

Laura Nelson and Nick Welch, RTITB


2.50pm    The Responsibilities of the End User

The law is clear when it comes to storage racks – the user must have a safe system of work. This presentation will outline the responsibilities placed on the user and the considerations that should be given to enable the user to demonstrate a safe system of work Is in place.

Mike Pace and Stewart Howard, SEMA Approved Inspectors

3.20pm    Stadco Zero Harm Approach

This presentation will illustrate how Stadco has approached its improvement strategy to its safety management system from allocation of resources,     compliance audits, training and behavioural safety, demonstrating both the challenges and successes involved with such a programme.

Simon Randall, Group Environmental, Health & Safety Manager, Stadco Ltd

3.45pm    Closing Remarks

3.50pm     Close of Conference

NOTE: Timings and order of presentations subject to change.


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