BITO-logoSwisslog’s Autostore solution is an automated small parts storage system that uses individual robots to efficiently pick and store single items and small cases to make better use of available space and increases efficiency at integrated goods-to-person workstations. By providing the highest possible rate of space optimisation teamed with extremely dense storage, it helps to address the multichannel retail challenges for major logistics operations – namely providing faster and easier access to a wider range of products. Manufactured by Jakob Hatteland Logistics, with Swisslog as the sole supplier with worldwide distribution agreement, the system has stacked up some impressive statistics: a 20% labour saving, with one client; picking efficiency increased by a factor of five with another; while a further client stores four times the number of products within the same footprint as its previous operation and increased productivity by 40%.

OxyReduct Systems

For years, when it came to warehouse or cold store fire protection it was sprinklers or nothing. Oxyduct Technology, however, prevents a fire from occurring in the first place, avoiding any consequential flame, smoke or water damage. It’s innovative technology adds nitrogen to the air to continually reduces the oxygen level in a room to a level where most combustables do not inflame and an open fire is impossible, yet provides a safe environment for people to work. Adopted by over 700 organisations, OxyReduct is field proven in applications from small areas containing high risk items through to cold storage and general warehouses of over 600,000 cubic metres. It is particularly suitable for airtight buildings such as cold stores and automated warehouses.

Translift Bendi

Designed to pick like any other order picker, the Bendi Order Picker has distinct advantages: it stacks pallets to height within narrow aisles. While normal order pickers can pick, they can’t stack pallets and another machine – usually a reach truck – is required to lift the pallet from the racks to position it in a picking location. Reach trucks however require wider aisles. The Bendi order picker is the first truck designed to do ‘self replenishment’. It’s two pallet handling locations allow the operator to pick and replenish a location without having to call another machine for assistance. With no other wider machine required, the Bendi can take advantage of its aisle performance to give a near 50% reduction in wasted aisle space and a more efficient order picking route.