Eddie Stobart Ltd

UKWA-LogoWithin 4 months, the Eddie Stobart team at Midpoint has fully integrated into ESL and delivered a number of key results, exceeding expectations. The team now consists of 20 full time employees who are all new to the business, following both a standard TUPE agreement application and recruitment plan. During Q4 of 2013, Eddie Stobart tendered for and was awarded a dual storage and supply contract for Novelis Automotive, which incorporates the storage and supply of 75,000 tonnes of critical aluminium material for all Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) press shops and Tier 1 providers – over 40 delivery points across the UK. The facility operates well within budget and to plan – records of 100% stock integrity and 100% On Time In Full (OTIF) achieved for all customers has proved the team’s ability to quickly implement and develop effective plans. The team’s engagement and training has produced a zero staff turnover and a 100% Health and Safety environment record. Overall the introduction of Midpoint into the ESL world has led to a culture shift from that of low morale and contract underperformance under the previous provider into a well run, well managed, well regarded facility both within the business and its customers.

Potter Logistics

Potter Logistics has grown to become one of the UK’s most experienced and professional third party logistics service providers. A relationship that started back in the 1960s still flourishes today. Kenneth Wilson Ltd, part of AB Agri, is the leading supplier of alternative feeds in the UK. The company offers the widest possible range of dry, moist, liquid, blended and compounded feeds alongside more traditional straights, minerals, vitamins protected fats and silage additives. Potter Produces three products for KW: Dry Blending, Soda Wheat and Wet feeds. The KW team consists of four members of staff with a combined service of 50 years, supported by the operations manager, the general manager and the DC. “From beginning to fruition the team has shown great dedication and innovative flair in finding new and improved production methods – a real and enthusiastic ‘can do’ attitude, which puts KW first,” said Derrick Potter, Chairman of Potter Logistics. Ian Pickles, Blends manager for KW has been involved with Potter Logistics for over 20 years. He said: “Moist blending has also developed at Melmerby and the success of the operation is down to extremely hard work, as well as lateral thinking, by members of both businesses to overcome potential issues. The tonnages alone are testimony to the successful working relationship of the two businesses as from steady beginnings, around 50,000 tonnes of Dry Blends and Soda Wheat are now produced annually on site and there are plans in place to grow the moist blends from nothing three years ago to excess of 50,000 tonnes this year.”

Boughey Distribution

Last year, the IT team at Boughey Distribution – the wholly owned subsidiary of NWF Group, launched BougheyNET web portal for the company’s customers, providing real time stock management tools, increasing customer POD and report self service and report self service by 80%. The team completed several WMS EDI projects using in-house and external skills to reduce order processing costs by over 25%. It installed a VoIP telephone system to improve CRM and give robust stability throughout the NWF Group. While doing this, the team also absorbed almost 117% uplift in business IT support cases, with 85% resolved within 24 hours through 2013, whilst reducing IT Labour cost by 17% Finally, Boughey’s IT team’s focus on infrastructure reduced downtime, raised warehouse productivity and increased processing speed. The appointment of IT manager Danny Earp has had a catalytic effect on the team, which has been realigned from one that played a passive role behind MHE and paper pick lists of the company’s legacy systems to a team that is actively innovative and leading the business through applying best practice strategies to Boughey’s modernised operation driving systems.